Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer - Survival Trailer

SEGA and Gearbox are excited to bring us a completely new multiplayer mode for Aliens: Colonial Marines and do so in style with their latest trailer. In survival mode, players must work together to hold their ground against swarms of xenomorphs and fight until the last player is left.

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Fishermenofwar1888d ago


jmc88881888d ago

Gotta love Bill Paxton. Aliens, Weird Science, and him as a car salesman trying to bang Arnie's wife in True lies are all examples of classic weasel Bill Paxton.

Fishermenofwar1888d ago

He was also that douche cop in Predator 2 alongside Danny glover...

But Hudson was the biggest noob of all time...

DarkBlood1888d ago

sweet i like these kinds of mode

ame221888d ago

It's horde mode, why would you blatantly lie and say "an all new multiplayer mode"

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