PS4 backwards-compatibility difficult to achieve, says UK developer - PS3 games via the cloud?

UK developer talks to PSU about Sony's next-gen console.

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RivetCityGhoul1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

well how about PS2 backwards compatiblity? is that difficult because i have alot more PS2 games than PS3.

Pillsbury11741d ago

If ps3 systems required the emotion chip for bc do you think they will include it in a ps4? My guess would be either gakai or more digital downloads on ps4.

crxss1741d ago

i'll just say this, if ps4 doesn't come with backward compatibility they can say bye-bye to a lot of their sales. i'd still buy one probably but it'd depend on their launch titles. i usually sell my current-gen systems when i upgrade to a next-gen system.

guitarded771741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

If it's a hardware issue, just design the PS4 where the PS3 can piggyback on top of the console and you can network them together, and use the PS3 hardware to play PS3 games using the PS4 interface... it's not that F'n difficult. You just have to have protocols so they can communicate. Sure, it's not the ideal situation, but it's better tan nothing, or rebuying digital copies of the games you already own.

aCasualGamer1741d ago

They should make a system inwhich Sony followers through the years could somehow get something back when purchasing the new PS4.

For example: I've owned PS3 since launch and bought numerous games and earned lots of trophies. Maybe those who earn trophies or set ammount of platinums can get free PS3 digital games as return when buying the new console on launch.

Would be hell of a way to market the new console for PS3 owners.

gobluesamg1741d ago

@guitarded. That sounds like an excellent idea. Then you could always have the option of using either disc drive too. Two game choices or a bluray movie. The hard drive memory could be combined too.

BrianC62341740d ago

"i'll just say this, if ps4 doesn't come with backward compatibility they can say bye-bye to a lot of their sales."

I don't agree with that comment at all. In the past it was important but now it isn't. That one feature adds a lot to the cost of the console. Are you willing to pay from $50 to $100 extra just for that feature? Maybe Sony can have two models, one with PS3 mode and one without.

decrypt1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Id been saying it all along, next consoles wont be getting BC.

Anyone looking to build a library, should be getting their games on the PC.

I currently own over 150 games on Steam. Not a worry in the world about games not working. Hell I could emulate any console game in history (aside the PS3 and Xbox 360).

@people saying they can keep their PS3

Well are you going to keep rebuying PS3 and PS2? also consider the amount of space it wastes.

jimbobwahey1740d ago


I disagree, backwards compatibility is even more important these days thanks to the wealth of digital content that people purchase. Besides, the PS3 has a lot of quality games that we will probably never see sequels to such as Starhawk, Twisted Metal and Wipeout HD. This is thanks to the developers either being shut down by Sony (Sony Liverpool) or abandoning home console development to work on mobile games (Lightbox Interactive and Eat Sleep Play).

I want to continue playing these games on the PS4 because the chances of them ever receiving sequels is pretty much zero. In the case of Wipeout HD, that's a digital purchase on my PlayStation Network account and if I'm using it on the PS4 why should I have to say goodbye to all the digital content that I've purchased?

If I buy digital content on other services (say the Apple store) I don't lose access to that content when I upgrade hardware. So why should I lose all of my PSN content because I'm upgrading from a PS3 to a PS4? It goes against established trends and service that's expected with the sale of digital content.

Besides, a lot of people can only afford to buy new consoles with the money they've received from either selling or trading in their old one.

Yi-Long1740d ago

... I'll probably switch over to Steam, cause I'm fed up with losing a complete library of games once my console breaks down and they're not playable on the next-gen console I bought.

konnerbllb1740d ago

@guitarded77 That is probably the dumbest thing I've read this week.

guitarded771740d ago

@ konnerbllb

Care to elaborate genius? Since you have a much better idea.

ChronoJoe1740d ago

Not true. The emotion engine can be emulated. It's not required.

The European backwards compatible PS3s never had the emotion engine, neither does my PC which can run Kingdom Hearts, and just about any PS2 game perfectly through an emulator.

Kennytaur1740d ago

I'd pay up to $350 extra for a backwards compatible model. And I'm a student.

bozebo1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I'd actually guess that PS2 emulation will be feasible, the problem is that games could need support in the official emulator (like xbox games on the 360).

Sony's tradition of complex hardware architectures makes emulation require more processing power (in general), the PS3's atypical architecture makes emulation awkward because of it's very split CPU resources into different cores which require specific application design (the OP-Codes to be run by the emulator have to be linear, so having 7 SPUs doesn't apply well to PS2 emulation) - no doubt the PS4 will either be able to brute force emulation primarily on one core it will have architecture very similar to PCs.

The issue here isn't hardware (except for PS3 emulation) but man hours in Sony's development teams - the likely route would indeed be for them to use gakai for PS2 as well as PS3 games. Then again, they could do what they did with the PS3 and have the hardware embedded within the system.

source: I've programmed for the PS1, PS2 and PS3. (it was in a university course and not within the industry, finger's crossed though)

Knight_Crawler1740d ago

I am cool with the Gaikai idea as long as we do not have repay to play our already owned PS2 And PS3 games.

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Red_Orange_Juice1741d ago

I dont plan to throw my ps3 away, and after ps4 launches I intend to play ps4 games

aquamala1741d ago

and when your ps3 dies you're going to buy another one?

kneon1741d ago

Well Sony will continue to make the PS3 for quite some time yet, you can still buy a brand new PS2 after more than decade. And the PS3 will likely be below $150 by the time the PS4 launches and will only go down in price.

reynod1740d ago

"I dont plan to throw my ps3 away"

That is a pretty retarded thing to say. You still hanging on to your PS2 as well?

When PS3 was half way into its cycle people kept saying I have a PS2 so dont need BC (Sony defence force).

So question is are they going to keep rebuying the PS2 and PS3. Also are they going to have 3 consoles sitting on their TV sets just so they can have all the BC.

Also what happens when 4K tvs are out? PS2 already looks a jaggy mess on 1080p tvs, PS3 will look like a mess on 4k TVs.

Even if PS4 did play those old console games PS2 and PS3 games running on PS4 would still be running at low res, which will look like a mess on 4K tvs.

Yi-Long1740d ago

... and if that happens 2 years from now, that's usually isn't a big problem, but when it happens 10 years from now, it IS a problem, cause it will be hard to find a new console.

I remember my Xbox breaking down when the 360 had JUST arrived, and MS had already stopped manufactoring the old Xbox and they couldn't be found in shops here anymore, so I had to buy a 2nd hand Xbox, which had a faulty discdrive.

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rainslacker1741d ago

I've said it before, I'd pay extra if they included a version that had 100% BC in the system through hardware. May not be possible given the vastly different architectures of each PS, but would still be pretty cool to have it all in one place for the few hundred PS1, PS2, and PS3 titles that I have.

The Great Melon1740d ago

This one reason why I loved my PS3. I have been able games across all 3 PlayStation generations. Shoot, I only just played Metal Gear Solid this generation when they were about to release MGS4. I finally understood what I had been missing out on.

I gripe about this a lot on N4G, but I hope some kind of system arises that ensures games don't have an effective expiration date. PC games, as long as the hardware meets the minimum, can play practically any game ever produced. This unfortunately is inherently much more difficult to achieve with the closed console systems.

I just don't want games to eventually become unplayable because either the system has broken or the game is damaged. Digital may provide solutions, but also has its thorns.

DeadlyFire1740d ago

PS4 WILL have backwards compatibility. How?

Combo chip. What else is needed for it?

Persistantthug1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

You would need a whole PS3 inside the PS4...which basically raises the cost by more than $150.

That's a problem.

(Just wanted to add that the specific Nvida RSX GPU isn't absolutely necessary for B/C. It could be done with an AMD GPU with proper PS3 emulation subset that could help costs a little bit)

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RivetCityGhoul1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

also Sony should just make a more expensive model with the ability to play PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 Games & a cheaper model that justs plays PS4 games. An if they want to save money just make the expensive model a limited production run. i don't mind shelling out a couple more hundred bucks and have the ability to play all those games on one system. seems worth it imo, what does everyone else think?

jimbobwahey1741d ago

I feel the same. I'd be willing to pay extra for a PS4 that has a Cell processor inside it to allow for backwards compatibility. I have no intentions of having both a PS3 and a PS4 under my TV, and if the PS4 is not backwards compatible then Sony will miss out on a sale at launch.

Besides, console launches are always only accompanied by one or two decent games, and the first year always sees a shortage of decent games. If I can't continue playing PS3 games that I enjoy during this time, then why switch to an expensive console with a small lineup of worthwhile releases? I'd wait for a price drop.

Temporary1740d ago

Without backwards compatibility theyll miss out on my sale as well.

admiralvic1741d ago

This will be a supply / demand problem. Everyone wants something like this till they see what the price is. Lets say a PS4 cost 350 (going off the Wii U), how many people are going to plop down lets say 550 just to play older games? These editions most likely won't sell and will go on clearance. At some point they will go out of production and cost less than the standard system and we would be back to where we started. Would be a lot cheaper to offer digital downloads. Sucks rebuying what I already own, but it might be cheaper in the long run.

rainslacker1741d ago

I get what your saying, however there are probably quite a few people who would pay extra. $200 does seem a bit extreme though. PS1 could be achieved through software, and likely already will be, PS2 needs the emotion engine which is likely extremely cheap to produce, and the Cell chip isn't terribly expensive for them to produce anymore either. There may be heat issues though so it's hard to say.

I'd say it would cost a lot more to have to rebuy those games for some of us, and I likely wouldn't rebuy most of them even if they were cheap because I don't really care for digital.

However, that whole rebuying thing is why we probably won't see complete BC in the PS4. Sony and the original publishers would make a lot more money by reselling those titles as "classics" in digital form.

Cloud may be an option however, if I can play them for free over the cloud by putting in my original disc, then I see that as a somewhat viable, although less than ideal, alternative.

smashman981740d ago

You see the thing is you are low balling it the next ps will cost 400 at its lowest without any bells and whistles one with backwards compatibility would easily run for 250 more dollars and here's the kicker both ways ( any of the speculated specs are to be believed) Sony would still be selling at a loss

admiralvic1740d ago


I agree, but my point was more so... 550 is more than an iPad and a lot of money. While the real figure would likely be more, 550 is probably more than most people would pay regardless.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1741d ago

why not just make all ps1,ps2,ps3 game on every device with gaikai when ps4 comes out.

This would be cool.

LOGICWINS1741d ago

"why not just make all ps1,ps2,ps3 game on every device with gaikai when ps4 comes out."

LOL you make it sound like it's soooo easy to do. Sony isn't even close to having every PS1 game on PSN, much less PS2/PS3 games. SOME games will be available via cloud, but not all.

As for me, I'll just keep my 60GB around when I get a PS4. No problem.