Tweaktown: NVIDIA GeForce 9600G 512MB G94 Tested

Tweaktown writes:

"The 9600GT doesn't disappoint at all. Performance is better than you would expect out of a card that carries the x600GT naming scheme, and if pricing is going to be as competitive as we've heard then this could be the next gen card to own. It could be a really good chance for 7900 users to finally jump to a cheap DX10 card that is actually capable of running DX10 games at a playable frame rate."

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heyheyhey3808d ago

i want the most ridiculously overpriced top-end card tested goddammit

richierich3808d ago

Why did nvidia bother making this card and name it one of the 9 series cards if it isnt much more powerful than the 8800GT?

jaja14343808d ago

Probably because it's using the 65nm chip.

Charlie26883808d ago

Remember that this one is a low/midrange card that if you want exact equivalencies should be compared to the 8600GT, in this particular comparison they are actually comparing it to todays high end (in this case the 8800GT) that is way they were impressed that even the lowest of the 9000 series perform in par with the high end 8000 series

and lastly its even more promising since this one is suppose to retail DIRTY cheap XD

f7ss13808d ago

would i be better off with this card or that new 1gb 8800gt one

Skerj3808d ago

I want to upgrade from my 7950 but I'm trying to hold off until NVidia finalizes their stuff for the year before I make the decision on which card(s) to get.

Gorgon3808d ago

Yep, its better that you wait for the 10 series. This is "just" an optimized board based on the 8 series chip, just like the ATI HD3000 series were just optimized HD2000 chips.

HD 4000 series and GeForce 10 series are the thing to wait for with new chips.

Charmers3808d ago

The real question about the 9600gt is the pricing. I mean from what I can tell it performs about as well as my oldstyle 8800gts which cost me £175 a year ago. I would be sorely tempted to buy one of these for my media server though if the price is sub £100. If the price is below £100 then this will be a serious bargain.

gta_cb3808d ago

i was going to buy a 8800GT (or the GTS cant remember) for about £179.99 but if this is going to be around the £100 mark and running the 65mm chips then this is a must have =p

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