GTA V File Size May Require More Than Two Discs on Xbox 360 (Analysis)

Techtorial: After GTA V's second trailer and Game Informer's confirmation about its massive map size, several discussion were raised by players asking if the game would require more than 2 discs for Xbox 360. Here's an analysis.

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claud32136d ago

possible and i hope not though

jon12342136d ago

I hope it does, that way gta v won't be held back by rockstar thinking about the 360 players, that way we all win :)

DoomeDx2136d ago

Exacly what i was thinking.

If they stick to 1 DVD because of the xbox360, you know that are holding things back.

Bathyj2136d ago

Jon's right.
Claud's wrong.

AAACE52136d ago

Or they could take advantago of bluray and fit it onto 360 any way they can.

All developers have the option to make a game look better on a console if they decide to. They just decide not to because they dont feel its worth it.

Dovahkiin2136d ago

What about Jean Claud? is he right or wrong?

KangarooSam2136d ago


Van Damme it, that was funny.

ProjectVulcan2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Buys 32GB flash drive for less than 15 quid.

Installs 3 discs on it with room left to spare on xbox 360.

Yawns, finds next article on N4G.

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GraveLord2135d ago

Possible? More like common sense. The game is being developed with PS3 as the lead platform in order to avoid the DVD restrictions. I'm sure disc size is the last thing on their mind at the moment.

knowyourstuff2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

That's what she said ^

lol but anyway, the number of discs shouldn't matter, as most people are likely installing the game. Microsoft disabled people from using their own memory so I don't know how much Msoft flash drives and hard drives run for these days, but I'm sure you if look around on ebay or something you should find something decently priced.

Blaze9292135d ago

may require? Rockstar are genius engineers but not miracle workers. Of course it'll come multi-disc on the 360

OneAboveAll2136d ago

meh, i install all my 360 games anyways. Not a big deal.

StrongMan2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

If GTA5 is bigger than Vice City, San Andrea, and GTA4 combined like reported then there is no way GTA5 will squeeze onto just two DVDs, especially with graphics that good. I'm guessing 3 DVDs at least.

MasterCornholio2136d ago

As long as you dont need to change them every time you go to a new area i really dont see what the big deal is.

Motorola razr i

BitbyDeath2136d ago

I can't see this game working if the map was spread on multiple discs. Likely the game will require a mandatory install.

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MasterD9192136d ago

Wow...imagine how many the complete edition would have with all of the DLC.

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