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Black Ops 2 PC Retail on Two Discs, 15 to 16 GB in Size

MP1st - Treyarch developer confirms number of discs and install size of Black Ops 2 PC version. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC)

Jacobite  +   612d ago
Really that big !
Oschino1907  +   612d ago
Black Ops is 18GB on PS3 so I don't understand the surprise. I bought the downloadable version this past summer and kinda wished I got the disc version instead cause after all the DLC and save files its 24GB or so.
moneybag123456  +   612d ago
Another reason to play console. (PREPARING FOR DISAGREES)
CGI-Quality  +   612d ago
Yeah, because the console versions will likely have large (mandatory) installs instead.

And as far as FPS titles go, nothing more precise than keyboard/mouse. ;)

OT: No problems here. I have a 2TB HDD and 256GB SSD.
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KillerPwned  +   612d ago
Ugh I only have a 1TB in my PC and a 640GB HDD. I would love to upgrade to just one 2TB HDD and get a SSD but being a med student sucks up money.

Completely off topic but your screen name reminded me. If you get a chance to try the Alpha play test of Crysis 3 and run it at Max settings it looks close to CGI I personally think....just something completely random to throw in lol.
moneybag123456  +   612d ago
I totally agree with you there. But when people don't have a PC like yours I don't see why they play on PC. I think getting a Console at the end is cheaper. Although the graphics aren't as good, I am content with my ps3
GraveLord  +   612d ago
It has already been confirmed that the PS3 version of Black Ops 2 has no mandatory install. It does however have an option to install textures to reduce the load on the Blu-Ray drive.(has no effect on game performance/graphics whatsoever)

Source: http://www.polygon.com/gami...

PS3 version it is then.
1 Blu-Ray, No Mandatory installs.
Oschino1907  +   612d ago
Mouse and Keyboard is def precise but also very unsatisying and less rewarding IMO. I couldn't play a FPS these days without the rumble of the controller in my hand as I fire off rounds or have explosions nearby, mouse and keyboard just feels lifeless in comparison. Also the option to play from any sort of position I want and not have to worry about having a table/desk around.
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neoMAXMLC  +   612d ago
Call of Duty games never had installations on consoles....
beerkeg  +   612d ago
I'll just get it on Steam and I won't need a disc, or two, at all. No need to swap discs, no need for a disc.

Another reason to play on pc.
Oschino1907  +   612d ago
You can download plenty of games on console, I have almost 40 myself. Playstation has also been doing Day 1 Digital Downloads so a majority of new games released can be bought day 1 online.

But having said that I still prefer to get certain games in disc form because I like having the ability to take them around with me to friends houses or to loan them out and also trade with friends so we can play games we both want to play/try but not buy.

Another reason to think before hitting that "Add reply" button.
beerkeg  +   612d ago
Most of the games you can buy digitally on console have inflated prices, and rarely come down in price cheaper than you can buy at the shops. Yes you can buy them digitally, but it's rarely in your interest to do so unless you enjoy getting ripped off.

I know, because I own them. On Steam you can buy games much cheaper, and they frequently have sales.

And also, my reply was to moneybag123456, so maybe you should think before pressing that "Add reply" button.
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calibann  +   612d ago
''Another reason to play console.''

My PC is located within arms reach, I really don't give a fuck that I have to change discs.

PC users are getting the best graphics and frame rate possible. Enjoy your 2006 graphics, frame rate lag and 20 foot view distance console peasant.
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Motorola  +   612d ago
Good thing it comes with a CD key that you can type in Steam and save the trouble of two disks.
Xristo  +   612d ago
14 gigs of on-disk DLC....

JK! lol
Yodagamer  +   612d ago
I guess it would make sense since they usually have alot of content and they've been pushing direct x 11 with this game.
FantasyStar  +   612d ago
I really really hope they do this PC port right. I know BO was pretty good to us but MW3 was a travesty. Ever since those BO2 videos leaked; I've only been more excited for this game.

FoV slider in SP please.....
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chukamachine  +   612d ago
16gb of zombies.
KillerPwned  +   612d ago
sak500  +   612d ago
Extra bloatware to cater to millions of PC configs, nvidia drivers, AMD drivers, dx 8, dx 9 dx 10, dx 11, dx 11.1 etc, texture maps for PCs with 1gb, 2gb, windows 3.1, windows 95, windows ME, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8Pro, 8RT etc /jk

I'm getting old so can't slog on my PC for hours on like i used to for BF1942~BF2/ 2142. Now i prefer laying on my sofa with controller in hand not to worry about if the game will work on my Core i5 760 quad core @ 3.6Ghz watercooled, 2 x 1gb DDR3 1700mhz, AMD 5870 x 2 (xfire) 1GB DDR5 cards, win 7 ultimate pro on 128ssd, + 500gb x 1 + 250gb x1 + 160 x 1 hdd Setup.

And dont give me the crap about hooking to my 50" TV via HDMI cuz i've tried it and can't play laying on the couch with K/B Mouse setup and hooking a controller means same as using a console but with more hassle of installing and fixing a game on pc.
beerkeg  +   612d ago
Why are you telling us your pc specs? Do you think we actually care?
sak500  +   612d ago
Why do you care to comment on my comment when you obviously don't care about. Go watch some pron on the net. These are my pc specs, which i assembled myself and can post anywhere i want. Oh and i forgot to add the 23.6" Asus MS236H 1080p monitor and 2nd 19" WS Samsung 940BW.
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Yodagamer  +   612d ago
And that is why a wireless keyboard and mouse are my best friend :)
AD705  +   612d ago
Who buys pc games on discs anymore? Personally unless it's a blizzard game I don't buy games on discs.
iamgoatman  +   612d ago
People with slow internet connections or bandwidth caps? Not to mention people who just like owning physical copies of their games. Also it's not like it's suddenly become impossible to find hard copies of PC games these days just because DD has taken over.
Plagasx  +   612d ago
Lol, does anyone even remember Max Payne 3 on PC?..

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