Pachter: Wii U A New Console Using Last-Gen Technology

GXC: "Industry analyst Michael Pachter is no stranger to statements that have received a bit of backlash on the internet from the gaming community. Still, he is respected by many in the industry itself as one of the go-to people for the state of the video games market. One of his latest statements was ... centered on Nintendo’s upcoming system, the Wii U."

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Schawk2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

YYAAWWWWNNN! yea like consoles are gonna be the testing ground for ground breaking new electronics

-Mika-2021d ago

You know he wasn't saying that. The WiiU is just barely an upgrade compared to the ps3/360. They invested so much money towards the controller but they didn't t invest toward the hardware.

metroid322021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Well what the hell was AMD an IBM doing then for the last 2/3 years with them custom chips ? zero latency and lag easy to code for ect indie friendly,what did Michael Ancel say then about the textures in rayman on how they did movie quality textures and forgot to compress it and it still handled it so its no slouch in the hardware department,shinen also said they havnt scratched the surface and 1080p games at 60fps just take more dev time,Michael Ancel also said th wiiu has no Ram/Memory constraints what so ever ??? Wiiu is powerful and until Metroid/Zelda/MarioKart/FZero/ Donkeykong/Smashbros ect land its patchers job to bash Nintendo before Retro /Nintendos game engine is shown to public with its 1st and 3rd party games that we know are in development.

Shok2021d ago

Didn't know the 360 and PS3 were using GPGPU's........

SlavisH22021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Didn't know wiiU games run 1080p... oh wait :(

Pachter knows a little more then members here

victoryscreeeeeech2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Some do games run on 1080p just not all of them, and what more does he know? He essentially blurted that the wii u has last gen power and walked away. No info to back it up, that is just trolling. He knows no more than u or me

Shok2021d ago

Yep, cause every 360 and PS3 launch title was running at 720p 60 FPS......oh wait...........

ninjabake2021d ago

If playing in 720p native hinders your enjoyment of a videogame I don't know what to tell you bro. The name of the game is still entertainment and graphics play a role in that but it isn't going to break the experience entirely.

Pachter gets paid to run his mouth off be it positively or negatively. Its expected for him to say the things he says, it doesn't mean what he says holds anymore credence and again, doesn't affect your enjoyment of YOUR games.

MegaLagann2021d ago

There'a already plenty of games in 1080p. Also, Pachter is a glorified Nostradamus. Someone who makes predictions with no facts. He said Nintendo made the Wii U Pro Controller because Activision threatened they wouldn't put COD on Wii U unless that made an optional traditional controller. He then said he has no proof, it's just a good guess. I'm fucking serious. He's been wrong 95% of the time, he knows nothing about game hardware, he just crunches numbers and when he does that he screws up.

BitbyDeath2021d ago

'Pachter is a glorified Nostradamus.'

Nostradamus is famous for predicting things right though....

coolman2292020d ago

Oh my gosh. How can you say that?!

It's "than!" Not "then!"

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pixelsword2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I'm rusty with this, but if I'm not mistaken the concept behind GPGPU is a GPU doing stuff usually reserved for the CPU. The Cell/RSX (Ideally) does this but mostly in reverse in that they take the stuff usually reserved for the GPU and put it on the CPU.

They said something like that in a God of war article on Eurogamer (got link)

From what I understand, it can be done the other way around as well, but I'm not sure about that.

The best thing from what I understand,if you get everything right and code efficiently, the throughput is incredible for either the cell or GPGPU. Which is why on the PS3 Lair's levels were so big but took almost no time to load.

I expect this and more from GPGPU, but I would not say that the concepts or techniques will begin on consoles first, as PC's have been doing this before the PS3 came out, just in different ways; so Before the Wii U, the concept was on the PS3; and before the PS3, The concept was on the PC (maybe not for games, but for other things).

That's (probably kinda) why when Sony did that folding at home, they got one PFLOP out of the PS3... Blue Gene did 280 TFLOPS to compare. I think the program was used to get high throughput from the PS3 in a way they could not get out of PCs... or at least come up with a comprehensive program to work on all PCs as different PCs were connected and folding at the same time with different cards, CPUs, GPUs, etc.,.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the WiiU at all because it's newer hardware, I was just trying to say that GPGPU isn't something you buy off of the shelves per se, it's more about computing: which is using hardware AND software.

Ihaa2020d ago

Im not entirely sure about coding on consoles but GPGPU allows you to access the GPU as if it was a CPU in a sense that you have the ability to control every byte of memory on the GPU whether its shared,global,local,etc. What PS3 and 360 most likely use are shaders that give you a very limited amount of flexibility in terms of programming on the GPU. Sure they get the job done but you have to follow the pipeline created by the shaders. You can't do something drastically different without suffering from performance loss and inefficiencies. Also, correct me if im wrong but PS3 has a fixed pipeline so you can't necessarily program the shaders as much as you can on 360. The fact that the cell offsets work for the PS3 isn't really a feature like GPGPU because CPU's were always very easy to program for. The GPU's were always very unknown because you would have shaders or drivers that don't let you access all of the features a certain GPU has to give. So is it newer technology that doesn't exist on current gen consoles? Yes as consoles now only let you access the GPU from shaders which are limited.

miyamoto2021d ago

PS3 and 360 are current gen

May be by last gen technology he is talking about the ill fated but most loved console - (drum roll please)...


Like the Wii U it was small, it was the least powerful of its competitors, have motion controls, on line gaming, internet browser,
.... and most of all it has a controller with an LCD screen - that you have to look back & forth from the TV, check inventory, play games on etc., rumble, ABXY face buttons, analog stick placed on the upper left of the controller, concave LR triggers that very much resembles the Xbox 360 controller like the Wii U Pro Controller.

I could be wrong but the similarities are very very obvious.

chadboban2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Holy crap!

Here we are constantly debating the specs of this thing like idiots and Pachter has had them all along. I knew Pachter was pretty big in the games industry but to have that kind of inside info is something else. C'mon man spill the beans already. Also can you tell us what the specs of the PS4 and 720 are, seeing that you are so privy to these things. Thanks Pach!

PopRocks3592021d ago

Okay, NOW I want to smack him. It's one thing to have an opinion, it's another to back it up with this kind of crappy misinformation.

Jinkies2021d ago

I would say it's in between it's a little bit more powerful then this gen but in my opinion I don't think it will be powerful enough to keep up with the PS4 and Nextbox. Developers will learn they can do more things with the PS4/Nextbox and develop games for that aswell...still they have untill 2014 to supply the Wii U with third party games.

ChickeyCantor2021d ago

" In my opinion " ...As if benchmarks can't be measured.

You don't say " In my opinion the color blue is red ". It either is blue or it isn't.

Jinkies2021d ago

an opinion is an opinion

Like it, don't like it...I'm not looking for your approval. I'm just stating what I think on the current situation.

ChickeyCantor2021d ago

I wasn't trying to appeal for approval. I'm simply explaining that what you said made no sense. You don't say " in my opinion" to something that can be measured. It's either true or not.

It's not a matter of me liking your " opinion". It simply makes no sense in this context.

No hard feelings though.

metroid322021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

What part of wiiu isnt going to be a good as ps4 ?

It has Compute shaders/2gig Ram/Shader model 5.0/massive disc space/tons of EDram shared across gpgpu and cpu/it uses opengl 4.1basically dx11 features but at a higher level/a second window in the gameworld ie Gamepad/supports 3TB harddrives/supports HCSD cards/Has a dedicated sound processor that handles un compressed sound at 5.1 surround and more/miiverse and nintendo network ID's, Hmmmmmm this is like 2/3 gens in front of ps3.

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