Halo 4 - Grifball Mode Walkthrough With 343i

Lead multiplayer designer Kevin Franklin walks us through a Grifball match. Swords and hammers, yes!

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OneAboveAll2028d ago

Can't wait!

I went ham on some kids last night playing Grifball on Reach. They were so bad. I grabbed the ball (or bomb) and punched all four of them in the face and went in for the score.

Epic game mode confirmed!

jimbobwahey2027d ago

Epic indeed, it's like a first person version of Speedball 2! Really cool of 343 to introduce throwing and passing as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing what arenas people come up with for the mode in Forge :D

aviator1892027d ago

Looks really fun, but I think one thing they should have changed is that the winning goal should create an explosion.