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PSNation review: When Vikings Attack! (PSN/PSV)

Grab your controller and get to the store, there’s a game that you need to buy and it's called 'When Vikings attack' Read here what you can expect in this little PlayStation Network title. (PS Vita, PS3, Tag Invalid, When Vikings Attack) A+/A+

DivineAssault  +   535d ago
really? so throwing random objects at infinitely spawning AI is fun? Ill be trying the demo (if there is one) before diving into something like this.. It looks cool and all but also repetitive.. But after reading this review, i really want to try it out & see..
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smashcrashbash  +   535d ago
You don't know what you are talking about. It sounds like a lot of fun to me. If you read the article at all you would see that there is more to it then just 'throwing random objects at AI'. That is like saying that all an FPS is shooting at randomly spawning AI or Mario is just about jumping on and over stuff but we know that isn't all there is to it.
Gamesgbkiller  +   535d ago
Its really fun .. if you play it you know what i mean!
And if you are playing with friend, its even better :)
torgo  +   535d ago
The campaign is the only time that you'll play with AI. The majority of the awesomeness is in the multiplayer, and the fact that you can join-in on the action from your Vita just adds to the greatness of this game.

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