Ubi: PS3 Blu-ray And Hard Drive Big Help In Far Cry 2 Development

"Far Cry 2 is an upcoming first person shooter that will be put out by Ubisoft on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC next month.

In a recent interview with CVG, Tech Director Dominic Guay talked about the process of developing for PlayStation 3, and he admitted that the Blu-ray was a big perk.

"The hard drive and Blu-ray are making our life easy considering FC2 is an open world continuously streamed around the player," said Guay."

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NitrogenB3755d ago

Remember that "Big Gamble" of including the Blu-ray and MANDATORY HDD....pretty much startin' to pay off. Yyyyyyyyyyyep, pre-t-much.

TheHater3755d ago

yeah I agree. But MGS 4 will be the first game to full up an 50GB blu-ray disk.

sonarus3755d ago

did this guy just say far cry 2 comes out next month lol.
Meanwhile blu ray is definitely a big plus for ps3 however i believe mgs4 will mostly be filling space with their audio. Not to say the core game would be in the (GB range probably more like 15GB but the rest of the disc is most likely audio and cinematics and what not. So far thats the only thing they have emphasized they are doing with blu ray though. I cant wait for mgs4 though remember the pod cast where they said they are doing something never done before with cut scenes. Playstation 3 fans this is the game you have been waiting for if you have a ps3 and you don't get this game then you need to be committing japanese ritual suicide. We all know the ratings will be between the 9-10 range. Haters will give it 9's but the rest have gotta respect.

games4fun3755d ago

farcry 2 next month that is the most important news but second would be what they said about streaming the game hopefully they pull a naughtydog

marinelife93755d ago

That's like a race car driver saying having more horses under the hood and better shocks sure came in handy during the competiion.

It's rather obvious that the Blu-Ray disc capacity and standard data streaming rate along with standard hard drives are a huge help for developers trying to make the best game possible.

Kleptic3755d ago

One of the production reports for MGS4 stated that the game will be the first to stream uncompressed textures...but I can't remember if they were being used for rendering the real-time cutscenes...or for the actual game...or both...unless environmental textures are reused constantly, it seems very unlikely that all will be uncompressed...but who knows...I am no developer...and in fact I don't see what kind of advantage this would be, other than saving some processing power that would be used to unpack the textures...I possibly just answered my question though...maybe that is the point...

but in either case...uncompressed high res textures would take up a pile of space...and knowing MGS will have hours of cutscenes, that is likely a huge chunk of the 50gb platter...

QuackPot3755d ago

if the ps3 had no bluray it would have been a lot cheaper and would have been released at the same time as the xbox 360 in nov 2005..........and by now the 360 would have been a distant 3rd place with the Wii rapidly catching up on ps3 sales.

Oh, what could have been...

ravinash3754d ago

All i can say is thank god they didn't....otherwise PS3 would be suffering the same disk drive space issues the 360 has.
Its better to wait and get something better than to rush out and get something thats half the quality.
The fact that the PS3 has a blueray player, saves me a lot of money in the long run as now I don't have to get a stand alone player.

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Joey Gladstone3755d ago

for Microsoft to not have included a HD in their 360 as standard, rather than just seem like it would have made both the consumer and developers lives a lot easier......
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

mighty_douche3755d ago

well they could of added one but it may have pushed the price up by $10 or so... so whats the obvious thing to do...?

Promise people they'll never need one (*cough* Burnout) then charge them $70 for 20gb...

Simply put, $10 more or $70? which do you think M$ would choose?

TheHater3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

"Simply put, $10 more or $70? which do you think M$ would choose? "
70 dollars more
Edit: Why did you disagree for. MS would have you pay 70 dollars more.

radzy3755d ago

microsoft's PR group sucks.
i cant believe they favor the core owners more than the premium owners.
microsoft , if your reading this , look up the word premium in the dictionary.
core owner = basic setup , doesnt include all the goodies
premium owner = recommended setup , includes all the main goodies
elite owner = preferred setup , includes all the main and extra goodies

for those who played lost odyssey, did anyone notice how long it took to load the fight scenes. bloody rediculous. i stopped playing it because of unbearable loading about mass effect?
how is alan wake gonna play with out streaming off hard drive?

if microsoft dont start favoring the elite and premium owners and the developers wishes in using the hard drive, then i most probably am jumping ship.

sony should be praised for letting the developers use the hard drive.
THIS IS A BIG [email protected]#$%^&*&^%$ MICROSOFT

f...k everyone that cant wait 20 minutes for dmc4 to load.
and when you finished the game , delete the loaded content , or just get a bigger harddrive. sony let you replace hard drive for more gigs, microsoft bann's you.

Kleptic3755d ago

I thought it was Epic that had a lot to do with MS dropping the HDD as standard...

MS had a production window, in terms of price, that they wanted to meet...and Epic was just starting to put together gears of war back then (although at that point it was still some fps under the Unreal name)...the 360 dev kits were centered around the production 360 having a 20gb standard HDD, and 256 megs of GDDr3 ram (half of what it ended up having)...and Epic was able to get MS to drop the HDD in favor of doubling the ram...and offer the HDD as an upgrade...

but Epic later commented that they didn't think MS would support the core so much...and later in its life having games that required the HDD...either way, MS would have ended up getting bad press about it...but it is suprising that they are still forcing devs to make the games fully functional for non HDD equipped the 360s...

kornbeaner3755d ago

But MS being the ring bearer at the time should have done what they were gonna do and include a HDD despite what EPIC was asking for.

I'll take a line from Sonny chiba from Tokyo drift. "For the want of a nail the horse was lost". No developer no matter how good the game was perceived to be at the time is worth cutting the life span of a console.
Because when you think about it and this is from first person knowledge.
the 360 is a lot easier to work with than the PS3. If MS would have gonna ahead with their plans and built the machine the way they wanted to not only would the machine have a longer lifespan but Gears would have still been released on the 360. MS put up money for the rights to that game. EPIC in that sense only had 2 options make the game with what you have or say goodbye to the money MS just handed you.

What would you pick???? Cause as much as I love the industry, I would never be a sellout and rehash games (not saying that epic does this, cause they try their hardest to make something different) but if MS, Sony or Nintendo threw a huge wad of cash my way, my reaction would be "Coo, what tools do you have?" "....................&quo t; "Oh yeah. I'll see what I can do".

solidt123755d ago

Exactly, the original xbox had a hardrive standard so why go backwards on the second one. Especially since it is still using DVD. If the Hard drive was standard then uding DVD-9 wouldn't be that big of an issue because they could always just copy data to the drive and have downloadable maps and updates for the core game.

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gamesR4fun3755d ago

Far Cry 2 is an upcoming first person shooter that will be put out by Ubisoft on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC next month.

Thought this one was delayed still dont really think it will be out next month... Cant wait to see it in action tho.

Kleptic3755d ago

yeah...its definitely not next month...I would be happy if it was this year...

Bleucrunch3755d ago

this game looks great and has potential so I will be getting it.

Cartesian3D3755d ago

same folks last year :

"blu-ray isnt needed for GAMING , and just increase Hardware price point .."

same folks This year :