Censorship Versus Appeasement "The recent Tekken Tag Tournament 2 censorship has caused quite a stir of controversy in the world of gaming. Is this recent change just good business, or a following trend used to appease a small minority?"

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devilhunterx2119d ago

Are organizations so cheap they can't hire a multicultural game testing team?

wallis2119d ago

They shouldn't have to. Freedom of speech? Or is everyone just forgetting this little cornerstone of western civilisation!?

lilbroRx2118d ago

Japan isn't part of U.S. in case you forgot and neither are Islamic countries. The world doesn't revolve around the west.

wallis2118d ago

Yeah the picture and article are in no way suggestive of a wider issue here. And western or not free speech is still part of Japan so get over it.

ShaunCameron2118d ago

The same Western civilization that's currently falling apart.

spartanlemur2119d ago

Pathetic. Religion without question or done in a way which impacts the lives of others is a scar upon the face of the earth.
It's time to crack down on freely expressing ideas which are genuinely incorrect.

AO1JMM2118d ago

Religion causing problems yet again.

Kyosuke_Sanada2118d ago

I'd say it's individuality in general. Like I said before, you want a problem free world, have humans part of a hive mind.