Massive Sale going on at

In celebration of the Chinese New Year Play Asia is having a massive "Year of the Rat Lucky Sale" A large amount of games are on sale, and buying one of the discounted games land you a chance at winning other cool items, like a Japanese PS3 or Japanese Halo 3 Edition Xbox 360.

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anh_duong3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

the homepage of play-asia has a picture of rat a having a massive haemorraging period.

solidt123690d ago

I bought my Dual Shock 3 from play-asia. good company.

time2die3689d ago

Dont know how you managed that because everytime i click on a add to cart option to buy games,Duelshock controlers i get can not ship to that destination.

This is because of all the threats associated with Sony suing people and closing other great places that i used to use like lik sang.

So may be you can explain exactly how you get them to ship overseas as i am curious as to how anyone outside of japan manages to use them.

level 3603689d ago

I have a cousin from Osaka who sent me a dualshock3 here in Sydney.

Took only 2 days before I got it on my hands and downloading the patch and rumbling.

It's really nice to have the control pads vibrating again.

Everything looks the same as the sixaxis, it's just that it has the dualshock3 label and is just slighty heavier.

One thing I noticed though is that it does'nt rumble as good as my XBox360's.
I have set the vibration on "high" but it's not as noticable.

Really a minor complaint, at least rumble is truly back and working.