HonestGamers Retrospective // Mass Effect 3

Gary Hartley Writes: So, fine, bitch about the few areas the game falls over, and ignore the fact you’ve done little more then play obsessively into the early hours of the morning for the third day running. Whine about EA’s standard policy of having to register everything in order to get onto the multiplayer defeat-waves-of-baddies mode and ignore the fact that it’s bloody fantastic, is still continually updated at no cost, and shows no sign of slowing. I’m with you, faceless complainers of the internets, the times when the ball is dropped, it’s dropped sodding hard, and endgame sucks. But I’m not about to forget the absolute blast I had with the forty or so hours that preceded it.

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Burning_Finger2089d ago

LOL. So much for honest gamers. Mass Effect 3 doesn't deserved a 10.

Ak47Russia2089d ago

Mass Effect 3 and 2 are overrated and overhyped by many website.

after playing it this game does not deserve 10 or even a 9... its a between 7 and 8....

Ethereal2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

I agree with this review. I loved it. Real "Gamers" know what makes a game special. Too bad there are not many of them left.

Blacktric2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Remind me again, as a self proclaimed "real gaymhurrr", about the things that make a game special? Cut content that later gets sold as a day 1 paid DLC? The extremely underwhelming overall story with a horrifying ending even after the "extended cut"? Unmasked face reveal of an important character being done in a horrifying way with the use of an altered stock photo? Or the extremely helpful forum support where you get banned (ding dong bannu) if you've mentioned some of the horrible things you've witnessed while playing the game? Mass Effect 3 had its great moments. Grunt kicking Reaper-ified Rachni ass and emerging victorious just when you thought he was dead, Joker saving your ass in the beginning of the game (which was a horrible opening), etc. But it sure as hell doesn't deserve a 10. At all.

Ethereal2088d ago

No need to get angry...People are entitled to opinions and I respect yours. I myself, loved every minute of it. No game is really perfect in the eyes of the masses but I perceive games differently than most. I look for small things and marvel at what the medium has been able to accomplish. Is there bs business present? Of course, is it hindering the industry? Of course. Despite that, ME set out to do something that had never been done before. In my eyes they accomplished it.

Persistantthug2089d ago

I'm with your sentiment, honestgamers....Mass Effect 3 was good....great even...

but it's no 10.

You've dropped the ball at the end.....ironically, kind of like the game itself.

0pie2089d ago

who care about mass effect 3? i mean... whats the point of doing a review when everyone else did it 5 months ago...