Is Samsung creating a gaming console?

Rumor has it that Samsung is looking to jump into the gaming industry. Japanese tech site SGAME is reporting that Samsung sent out a notice to all affiliate companies notifying them that they’re looking into “the game industry ‘frontier’”, and that Samsung has begun hiring video game developers for first party games. Samsung is said to be looking to hire game designers and game directors. Samsung has denied that they are going to make their own game hardware, but we know that if it’s really in the early stages of development there would be no point in revealing it right now.

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MultiConsoleGamer2090d ago

Smart TV gaming.

As always, NeoGAF is uninformed and behind the curve.

lashes2ashes2090d ago

I agree. They are most likely just getting the people they need to make sure the cloud gaming apps work correctly.

Tired2090d ago

Could be for their phones.

Shadowgun for the galaxy s3 was pretty stunning....console quality graphics.

jadenkorri2089d ago

game companies are stretched already in making games for 2-3 consoles, adding another is not going to be appealing to them.

SolidStoner2089d ago

I like Samsung! they should create console! That would be very good for us gamers! More competition is better products! I still would buy PS4, because I trust them more and I know I get what I pay'd for...

killerhog2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Having studios making games for them doesnt mean they could be making a console, but wants to start making their own games (first party) and make money from it.

Advice for Sony, start patenting everything, then sue Samsung for copying, worked for apple.

miyamoto2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Sony experimented with TV sets with PS2 built in.
Like TVs with built in DVD players.

I always thought that was a nifty bundle of an idea.


Samsung & Lenovo all have gaming on their TVs

Samsung & Gaikai
Lenovo & Android

I wonder why Sony has not implemented this on their TV sets already

soniqstylz2090d ago

That's why they bought Gaikai

ChrisGTR12089d ago

i like samsung as a company but i dont agree with this. nowadays its all about software rather than hardware. samsung is a hardware company. much like sony. i think its safe to say that the 360 is a much better gaming experience vs ps3 due to the fact that MS did a good job on the software. like for example cross game chat and in game music has been on the 360 since launch. i remember on ps3 it took about 2 years just to get in game xmb(which even today is way too slow) theres still no voice messages and not to mention still no cross game chat. this is generally what happens when hardware company's make tech, they make the product first then think about how do we market this. where as software companys make a service and use hardware that will run it. im not a fanboy im just saying it like it is.

dragunrising2089d ago

I'd like to add that Nintendo is a game centric company that still is reluctant to add persistent voice chat, and voice messages. I believe the voice chat issue with PS3 has more to do with a limitation of RAM. Sony would have added it if they were able. Nintendo on the other hand ignores almost of the advances in social online connectivity. Granted in still getting a Wii U however its unfortunate all the same.

Irishguy952089d ago

360 - iPhone
Ps3 - Android
Wii - 1990's Home phone

Ju2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Some people missed the train. HW is becoming more and more second priority. It's the SW and services which go with it which makes a product these day. Samy would be nowhere in the mobile sector without Android (they were kind of successful with BadaOS, but nowhere close where compared to the Galaxy). Same with Apple. No OS-X/iOS no Apple. And MS is the third. They are a prime example for a strong SW company. HW is important to promote the SW, but the focus is shifting more and more to the SW package which comes with it.

It's probably a combination of the two, specs promote the company and the products. But a device is useless if you can't do much with it. Only Apple is the one which does both, HW and SW, MS is SW only (with HW as a by-product), Sammy is a HW company using (and customizing the OS to some extend - see the Note). BTW.: The best gaming OS is RIM's QNX based OS...with them not even knowing (lowest latency OS, full native C/C++ SDK, posix compliant - that's what developers like).

But with Win8 (x86 and RT) MS will go this route with their next gaming platform. Android adds more features in the NDK (which makes this more and more suitable for game devs) and, well, iOS...well, you can just port games to that (same there. More games use C++ with an ObjectiveC wrapper).

If Sammy goes gaming, I guess they are going with Android as their OS. But please don't make the mistake and use a Java based gaming platform. Nobody ports to Java...or actually companies do and then you have to maintain two or three different code bases...

These mobile OSs can easily be scaled to a console environment and don't carry the weight of a full PC based platform, but can perform well or identical. No need for custom gaming OSs any more. It'll happen. Probably sooner than most of you think.

To make one thing clear here...I guess this is necessary to point out on I have a Vita and enjoy it quite a bit. It's an awesome device and I can only hope we are getting more devices like that. Sony will need to rethink their gaming strategy. They won't survive with a closed system in the long run. They are currently ahead - see Playstation Mobile - but it won't last forever.

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Belking2090d ago

If that happens the only corp that this will hurt is maybe sony or Nintendo.

ceballos77mx2090d ago

If its smart TV gaming I think Sony has that covered with the Gaikai purchase, if its a console or handheld you could be right

bangshi2090d ago

Before Sony bought Gaikai, Gaikai had already got themselves going Samsung TVs.

Be interesting to see what becomes of that now, given Sony make TVs.

I wonder if they (Samsung) will reach out to OnLive?

badz1492090d ago

no point reaching them THAT far down!

Hicken2090d ago

What you wanted to say- without saying it, so you wouldn't look quite like such a fanboy(still failed)- is that the only company it WOULDN'T affect is Microsoft.

Belking2090d ago

A samsung console would hurt nin and sony because it would eat into their japanese market. Japanese won't buy xbox but they sure as hell would buy a Samsung console. They have a partnership with MS and they don't see MS as a direct competitor.

gatormatt802090d ago

Samsung is not a Japanese company though. They are South Korean.

wastedcells2090d ago

It's defiantly tied to their smart tvs. Not a console or handheld.

KMCROC2090d ago

Imagine a gaming handheld device from SamSung that would destroy 3DS & cripple the vita . now that would be a cool start for them to enter the handheld first ,test the market once they have done destroyed them. Then enter the console market & happily coexist with your console brothers.

violents2090d ago

Dude if a handheld from samsung could "blow away" a vita then it would be too expensive and no one would buy it. The vita is pretty awsome already and the high price point is slowing it down. If anyone came out with something better it would sell even worse.

KMCROC542090d ago

If they truly want in , i say do better than vita at same price but add on would be that it becomes a controlller for your Samsung
tv ,which probly has some console feature bulit in it to continue your game on the big screen without the need
for a second disk . now that would be cool.

Ju2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Samsungs Exynos 5250 beats the Vita and could probably be sold for $250. This would bring some competition into the gameing market (already available in the A15 Google Chrome book or Samy's eval board for $250).

Consoles - as we know it - might be going down the drain. This might all shift if we would actually get a 3rd party Gaming OS. Android could be just that. The NDK gives you all you need to write high performance games now. What's missing is using the OS as a gaming platform with dedicated gaming services and a whole bunch of (compatible) devices (with some min specs the devs can rely on).

Same goes with actually consoles. Same OS can be build into all kind of devices. They are fast enough to replace consoles - or soon will be.

I would think future consoles are more like a SW than a HW platform. And you can pick and choose if you want a cheap one with lesser feature or a top end which plays super HD. And with that the business model might change completely.

neogeo2090d ago

Samsung is the largest transistor company on Earth and now bigger then Intel. OLED screen on Vita is made by samsung. Ram. CPU's, motherboards. are all made by Sam. So they can cut the middle man and make a handheld that DESTROYS Vita for not only cheaper but they could even sell the hardware at a huge loss for shiz and gigs because they have so much cash. Just to get in the market.

Oh_Yeah2089d ago

Except your forgetting Sony jacks up prices on most of their hardware especially tvs
compared to their competitors.I bet Samsung could make a handheld with the same specs and sell it for 100 less.

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violents2090d ago

It would be cool but it would have to be in a few years to be cost effective, that's a lot of extras to squeeze into a handheld and still keep it low cost. But i Do agree it could have some amazing possiblities.

Ck1x2090d ago

I find it funny that you use a phrase such as "destroy the 3ds & cripple the Vita!" As if the Vita were actually doing better than the 3ds is right now...

KMCROC2090d ago

Not to be a prick , but hows this i hope Samsung does make a handheld that will destroy the Vita & cripple the 3DS. Is that better.

2090d ago
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