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TheGrimOfDeath2094d ago

Good post mate! I wish I could approve, but I'm still a trainee!

Godchild10202094d ago

That is a good launch trailer. I knew GameInformer gave the game a 9/10, I just don't know why they took if down off their site.

Nitrowolf22094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

I think they broke the embargo that's why

morkendo232094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

the damn game no good thats why Gameinformer took it down.

long as criterion games making NFS it will be no good. look at HOTPURSUIT big!!!! Disappointment the graphic was KRAZY!!! cool but rest of the game was PURE!!!! Burnout.

i'll wait til someone add a gameplay on youtube to decide before buying.

whoever following me around giving disagrees every article i go SCREW YOU!!!

hakis862094d ago

Sweet trailer! I want this game.

Does anybody know if the autolog 2.0 is "cross platform"?
Like, can I play on PC, and compete against my friends times on their PS3?

one2thr2094d ago

Im in a bit of a pickle, its either this game or Assassins Creed 3?...

Nunchez2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Looking at all the info and gameplay, I'd take AC3 any day over Most Wanted.
But yeah eventually I'll buy both.

Psychotica2094d ago

If it was me, it would be AC3 and get NFS later..

wastedcells2094d ago

Both for sure. I Can't pick one over the other. So different and so good.

teedogg802094d ago

Get AC3 if anything. I myself will be getting both.

one2thr2094d ago

Thanks for the input guys, Im going with Assassins Creed 3. Reason being; I just watched a cinematic in game trailer... And if thats what the game suppose to look like then I'm in for one helluva treat... Looks like I have to get Most Wanted next month :(

grailly2094d ago

assassin's creed might be better, but you'll get more out of NFS if you play when it's still new, it has a strong social aspect

GamingManiac2094d ago

I'm getting both, at midnight, the pickle is which one to play first lol

teedogg802094d ago

Me too lol. Plus I'm getting AC3 on the PS3. Gonna go crazy deciding what to try first.

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mafiahajeri2094d ago

Sucks that theres no police chases online...

wastedcells2094d ago

I drive like that to work in the morning.

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