SingStar Free-to-play Trophy List

Complete trophy list for the free-to-play version of SingStar.

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Tired1851d ago

It's not free to play and the trophies can't be earned until you buy 10 songs.

Says so as you start the game.

Dark_Overlord1851d ago

So if I accidentally click on the icon it will install the trophy list? Or is it like Zen Pinball 2 where the list isn't installed until you purchase at least 1 table?

Tired1851d ago

You have to download the software first, it gives you the option.

Weirdly the trophy list didn't show up on my ps3...but I could see it there in my list when I looked on the Vita.

Dark_Overlord1851d ago

Thanks :)

I'll never install it anyway, just glad its not going to add it to my trophy list :) (Damn OCD lol)

Lulz_Boat1851d ago

i'm the only one that do not have the singstar icon? :\

BitbyDeath1851d ago

It's not available for US yet.