The 12 Best Weapons In Horror Games, Part 2

BD writes: If you enjoyed yesterday’s batch of memorable horror game weapons then you’re going to love this. Horror games may not be known for their excess of badass weapons, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been a few games that have brought us some excellent tools with which to beat down the undead hordes, alien intruders, demons, demon worshippers, and other abominations that are unfortunate enough to get in our way when we’re in the mood to kick some ugly monster ass. Here’s the second half of our list of the best weapons of the horror genre.

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Bloodraid2006d ago

What the hell? Half of these aren't even horror games. If you're going to put something on this list just because it has zombies, why not go all out and throw Minecraft or Terraria in there as well?

Kratoscar20082006d ago

I liked the star wars laser blade you get in SH3 and the Great Knife in SH2.

Tokyo_reject2006d ago

a few are horror yourself a favor and dont even bother reading this trash

Army_of_Darkness2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

After all my horror game experiences, the shotgun is one of the most power and best crowd control weapon there is for all your Zombie/ creature killing needs;-)