New Burnout, Skate on the way

EA Games president reveals "extension" of driving and skateboarding series in next fiscal year, commits long-term to Mass Effect, and says next Need for Speed will return to series' roots.

Another new franchise EA is prepping a sequel for is Mass Effect, which was announced for the PC today. From the very first time now EA-owned developer BioWare showed it off in 2005, the role-playing game franchise was touted as trilogy. EA Games president Frank Gibeau's presentation today suggested it may not end there, as he told analysts that it "will be a franchise for [EA] for a very long time." He also said that going forward, EA will take over publishing duties on the Mass Effect franchise from Microsoft Game Studios, which handled the game's initial release on the Xbox 360.

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solar3752d ago

please refine the tricks on Skate so its a little easier to pull off the ones you want...and it would be near perfect :D

Alcohog3752d ago

Please don't listen to the guy above me and cripple the game to be easier for people who suck at it and it will be near perfect.

Marceles3752d ago

Yeah I loved SKATE's single player campaign, I was able to get all of the achievements for it. I couldn't get interested in the laggy multiplayer though, but I can't wait to play SKATE 2

solar3752d ago

lmao! seriously? so i suck because i think the control scheme needs a tweak to be perfect? why are you acting like an idiot? your smarter than that...i think?

Lagbox plzfixme3752d ago

The controls don't need to be easier. Near the end of the game you should be able to do almost all of the tricks at anytime.

solar3751d ago

wow ppl. im not asking the controls to be "easier". i have hardly any problem pulling off the tricks i need to. its opinions ive heard from friends and from what ive read in reviews, i believe they do need a tweak. the game can get frustrating at times when you know your doing the right motions for a trick. christ.

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TooL 3163752d ago

well with Microsoft out of the picture, maybe there is hope for a ps3 was a great game played it 3 times twice from scratch i know a lot of my buddies who only have ps3's would love to play it.

iAmPS33752d ago

With MS out of the way, we might as well get a much better version of the game.

Let the power of the PS3 bless your lives.

Storm233752d ago

So EA is publishing and not Microsoft, and since EA puts out their games on every platform imaginable, does that mean Mass Effect 2 will be coming to PS3?

avacadosnorkel3752d ago

but who cares. Final Fantasy will be out by then

Sevir043752d ago

i hope criterion is doing it. because if it comes out next year and not take 2 or so years it's gonna suck..... now Mass effect... yummy on PS3... looks like bioware is on it's way to doing something good. I'm just hoping that Ea doesn't force them to do it yearly. i dont mind it being a franchise along as it aint a yearly one... and need for speed... ugh... please kill it every need for speed after underground suck balls...

NiteWarrior3752d ago

I dont find it hard to pull off the tricks you want to pull in skate, i like to refer it as having skill to do the hard stuuf. I loved Skate but im not going to get Skate 2 unless it is an incredible improvment from Skate

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