First Mass Effect PC Screenshots

BioWare has posted eight screenshots from the PC version of Mass Effect, including the first images of the reworked inventory screen, in the gallery.

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wil4hire3720d ago

I remember seeing it on USA charts.. But not any where else.

Well good news for PC gamers.

ThaGeNeCySt3720d ago

sold over a million worldwide

wil4hire3720d ago

Looks like it did 1.5 million Worldwide. Guess people weren't into this one as much as it was hyped.

sticky doja3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

"ahh thats why its coming out on the PC.
Looks like it did 1.5 million Worldwide. Guess people weren't into this one as much as it was hyped."

All 3 of Bioware's console RPG's have come out on PC, why should Mass Effect be any different? I don't think it has anything to do with sales, even though 1.5 million is a very respectable number for any RPG that doesn't begin with the words Final Fantasy, especially considering it is a completely new IP.

Also I'm not sure how much developers make per disc sold but if they made even half of the retail price that would be 45 million dollars, well over the budget I'm sure.

drewdrakes3720d ago

I was into it as much as it was hyped.

3720d ago
Scrooge3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Are you a Sony fan? Seems like it because sony fans will say anything to belittle the 360's great titles. It's annoying. I sold my 360 to get an 8800gt graphics card for my PC, I was a little upset that I would miss out on some good titles. So needless to say, Im happy this is coming out on PC. Im hoping to play the Force unleashed and Fable 2 on PC as well, just waiting for those anouncements. When it comes down to it, this site has turned into a "look how awesome the PS3 is and how much the 360 sucks" site. Not that the PS3 isn't awesome, I'm just a True gamer that appreciates ALL platforms.

PS have they anounced a release date for this yet?

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Marceles3720d ago

Damn, I like the quickslots option. It doesn't look like you'll need to freeze the game to choose your moves, just use the number keys.

PS360WII3720d ago

yea the quickslots will make the game much faster paced! I used the magic stuff a lot and it was kind of silly that it paused that game for you in the middle of a battle. Kind of cheapened the whole dieing threat.

wAtdaFck3720d ago

I can't wait to play this.

sticky doja3720d ago

It is a quality game you should really enjoy it. Don't dumb it down though play on the hardest option, the game will be much more rewarding.

ThaGeNeCySt3720d ago

Game is looking good on PC, though it doesn't look THAT much better than it's 360 counterpart

wil4hire3720d ago

you haven't played Gears/COD4 on PC then. Its eye opening good.

ThaGeNeCySt3720d ago

I don't doubt it @ COD4/GOW... i'm speaking strictly on Mass Effect... if it looks drastically better on PC than it does on 360, these screenshots definitely aren't showing it. The upside to the PC port however is the hotkey mapping of biotic powers to keyboard keys

ar3720d ago

Well those screens are fairly small compared to what you can run on a computer.

mistertwoturbo3720d ago

Are you seriously trying to argue PC graphics vs 360 graphics? The PC will be able to run at a higher resolution, better frame rates, and more detail.

ThaGeNeCySt3720d ago

lol @ people who jump the gun when reading without actually thinking first. Look at those screens, then scroll down and look at the "360" screenshots and tell me the difference? Exactly. I'm speaking strictly on these screenshots... and lol @ bringing framerates into this.. bioware games on PC tend to be on the glitchy side when it comes to framerates.

Bolts3720d ago

The PC version will be vastly superior even if it doesn't have better graphics for one primary reason...the hard drive. Of course the 2 gigs of memory doesn't hurt either.

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PS360WII3720d ago

Cool the new menu seems alright. I wonder if the PC version will have the pop ups as well?

TheIneffableBob3720d ago

Hopefully it'll be fixed, but Gears of War on the PC had pop-up as well, though it wasn't as pronounced or prolonged as the 360 version.

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