Dishonored - Xbox 360 Review - ACE

From the review:

"Dishonored is put together so well and executes its ideas in such an expert way that it would be difficult to not recommend the game to the highest degree possible."

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glennco2013d ago

not a 10, don't be silly about it

SCW19822013d ago

So far I have to agree. And Journey would be second for me.

Jazz41082013d ago

Dishonored yes Journey No. If journey is a goty then so is dust and so is minecraft. Dl games dont usually get regognized in the goty catagory which is usually retail titles. I know sony has put some of these in retail as well as ms but these will not be considered. Im not saying journey is a bad game as its far from that just not in the correct catagory.

urwifeminder2012d ago

Are we getting dishonored spammed by n4g cause they are sponsord by the game just my personal opinon.