DmC Devil May Cry NYCC 2012 trailer

Capcom released a new trailer for DmC Devil May Cry.

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Vandamme211657d ago

Awesome..I'm going to per order this..this game is going to be awesome..fuck the haters

aCasualGamer1657d ago

Agree with you that this game is going to be awesome.

BUT... It doesn't take away the fact that it would be greater to have played this game with "older" Dante without emo personality. It just misfitting to have an EMO kid carry all that machoness in his personality, bit contradicting imo.

It's like having Robert Pattinson in the role as Deadpool in the new Deadpool movie instead of Ryan Reynolds. IF that makes any sense to you.

That's just how it is. Some characters should be left alone from creative input. They are complete.

Dante is one of those characters.

With that said, this game is looking really good otherwise. Gameplay seems great and fun.

ritsuka6661657d ago

Gameplay does look pathetic in this game, I said before its how they are basically abandoning the DMC fanbase just so a new IP can get some publicity makes me want to punch everyone who works at Crapcom.

LOGICWINS1657d ago

I really don't see whats so "bad" about this game. Looks great to me. This coming from a person who loved DMC1 and 3.

Campy da Camper1657d ago

That's because it is a G.T.U.C.T.S.C.G.

(Game That Uses Cut-scenes To Sell Crappy Gameplay)

Blastoise1657d ago

I think we need more rock music in video game trailers and less dubstep... :P

Game's looking great!

fabiani1657d ago

dubstep getting old accross the board

MattyG1657d ago

Alright, I'm sold. This game looks awesome, and to all the people who are bashing this game, get over it. It's a different take on DMC and it actually looks very good.

HammadTheBeast1657d ago

That's why it's getting hate. It's a different game, not a bad one, but a completely different one, just with DMC stickers on it. A new IP would've been better received.

It doesn't look bad.

rezzah1656d ago

Call it something else I don't mind it as its own game.

But if this is the future of DMC then it is a great reason to dislike it.

HarryMasonHerpderp1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Looks awesome.
Had a chance to play the demo at Eurogamer Expo and it plays brilliantly.
Can't wait to pick this up.

bitboi1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Saw this in person at NYcomiccon. It will shut alot of haters up. this game looks awesome!

C L O U D1657d ago

The only thing I was impressed with when I played this game is the level design, the whole inception architect shifting thing.

However that was not enough...

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The story is too old to be commented.