Downstream Panic! reviewed by GameSpot

What happens when you combine the cuteness of Loco Roco and the gameplay of Lemmings? You end up with Downstream Panic!, a fun puzzler with more than a passing resemblance to both games. Downstream Panic! is an absolute blast for a few hours, but erratic physics make some of the later levels extremely difficult, and there aren't many other ways to enjoy the game if or when you get stuck.

The Good:
- When it's not too difficult, the gameplay is outstanding.
- Fast-forward and retry buttons take the pain out of trial and error.
- 80 levels wills keep you busy for quite some time.

The Bad:
- Levels eventually become too convoluted thanks to excessive gimmicks.
- Inconsistent physics occasionally mean you'll have done everything right, but the fish still die.
- No multiplayer, no user-created content, and no hints leave you with little to do if you're stuck.

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Douchebaggery3721d ago

This is the first time I see this as a negative in a PSP review.