FOX Effect: Target pulling Mass Effect off the shelves

From "Apparently, US retailer Target is either too scared or has the same experience in gaming as Cooper Lawrence, since they've begun pulling Mass Effect off shelves. What's even more absurd is that the game is actually in stock, but Target employees are not allowed to sell it..."

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Joey Gladstone3756d ago

Is this in light of the whole 10 second alien mind sex scandal thing?????if it really is due to this tell them to play the mini sex games in both GTA, God of War, a Leisure Suit Larry Game, or Ataris Custer's Revenge lol.....
........"The JOEY has Spoken"

JsonHenry3756d ago

Wow. Can't sell ME? But I can walk over and buy a Steven King book, or worse - one of those cheap romance books the next isle over?

JsonHenry3756d ago

That's okay - Wal-Mart said they will take your money!

Exhaust3755d ago

Can't view the article at work but I seriously doubt Target would take this stand.

Walmart is normally the first to ban something because of the "heartland", "family friendly" bull crap image they're trying to maintain. Target only follows Walmart on these types of things. I'd be supprised if they took the first step in censorship on their own.

masterg3755d ago

I'm sorry but I have to say this as a European.
America is seriously screwed up. There are so many double standards it's hard to keep track. You media don't know the meaning of objectivity.

I just hope Obama/Clinton gets elected, maybe then some sanity can be restored.

darx3755d ago

I understand that Europe consists of different countries with different governments and different laws. But aren't there a plethora of games that are banned in some of these European countries? Not sure which ones, Germany I know there are a few games, but you did refer to yourself as European.

JsonHenry3755d ago

MasterG - what exactly about Obama or Hillary do you think is going to bring sanity to anything?

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antoinetm3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

@ 1.7 You should avoid senseless statement about the economy and politics. Bush and clinton dont have THAT much influence on the economy.

AzaziL3755d ago

Dammmit, I was so looking forward to some lesbian cross species sex!!!! Oh well, I guess I can cure my sick perversions of torture with Saw I through IV, Hostel I and II, and etc. Then I can further fuel my violence with 80% of the other movies they sell. Then I can lay down, relax, and throw on some music cds that'll tell me to treat women like complete trash, disobey the law, and kill myself. But I really wanted to just see that 1 second clip of alien boob.

velaxun3755d ago

Bubbles for you man, very well said

Lifendz3755d ago

let your dollars speak. If we allow entities like Fox News to influence retailers like this, then we need to speak with our dollars. Give Target none of your money for anything. If corporations are going to do stupid things like this just to appease the conservative and uninformed, then we'll strike back with what businesses want: money.

solidt123755d ago

They will sell R rated movies but not a video game that doesn't even show anything.

myxomatosis3755d ago

... maybe they think its not suitable for play untill all the glitches are fixed. some how i think not.

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Relcom3756d ago

This is beyond retarded

MK_Red3756d ago

Beyond retarded indeed.

IntelligentAj3756d ago

Retarded would be a severe understatement.

Ri0tSquad3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

They can't be serious....

Tempist3756d ago

Can't EA pull legal libelist action against the network if it's found that what they inappropriately / misinforming reported has caused a decline in their sale?

I say it's angry letter writing time part 2. Letters to Fox and Target.

BIGELLOW3755d ago

We'd have to coin a new term. If true, this is really retarget.

ravenguard883755d ago

We can all blame Fox news for this.

It sucks that 99% of the worlds population is educated by people that don't have an idea of what they're talking about.

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shotputking3756d ago

everyone, enjoy the next couple of years (if we even get that long...), becuase the video game industry is going to begin a downfall soon. video games have been somewhat unrestricted, due to not being mainstream enough for the "FOX news"es of the world to care. because of that, video game creators have been free to make games that have whatever content they imagine in the game, whatever creative ideas they have. we've gotten the gritty realism of shooters, games that tell stories that not even hollywood would approach, innovation is constant and games keep getting better and better. but now games have become mainstream, and now they will be moderated to the point of making all of them mediocre at best (example: just about any movie you've seen in theaters the last few years). now we'll get ignorant news pieces followed by even more ignorant reactions. every store and company will be worried about what some soccer mom in nebraska will think of a game with a mature rating on it, regardless of the fact that it isn't intended for little jonny to begin with, due to the over exposure and easy news targets. studios will begin only making the same safe game constantly, with a different coat of paint, and we as a fanbase will suffer for it.

dilibau3756d ago

I just gave you a bubble for that comment...

Quote: "studios will begin only making the same safe game constantly, with a different coat of paint"

Aren't they doing that already? ;)

shotputking3756d ago

they definitely are doing a lot of that already, but there will always be people looking for the quick buck like that. the difference is that right now, there are still a lot of studios developing new and original games... i'm afraid that may stop soon.

ravenguard883755d ago

Last time I checked the ESRB is one bad mofo you don't want to mess with!

Mass Effect is 17+. If it was a movie, it'd be PG-13.

Keyser3756d ago

This is terrible news. Target is acting real scared. I haven't heard Fox's 'news' (loosely used) report pop up anywhere else but here. It hasn't hit the mainstream so why is Target over reacting?

Who says, "OMG, Target sells Mass Effect!?!?! I'm not going to buy my bathroom towels and home decor from there anymore!!!" That is plainly stupid.

DarkSniper3756d ago

Target has done a great service to gamers across the US. Smut content such as Mass Effect does not need to be sold to our children.

Also, Target has just begun early what most retailers will be doing in a couple of years. Which is pulling ALL XBOX 360 related content off the shelves.

Good job Target.


robbo9183755d ago

I have to disagree with you Snipster on this one. I usually enjoy your posts and admire your support of the best system this gen, the PS3...BUT this was too much. I love Target but this is irritating me. I don't want any games pulled off the shelf. They are behind GLASS LOCKED CAGES, its not like some kid is going to be influenced by the front of a box. If the Target salesperson is an idiot and can't check ID's on M-rated games that isn't the consumer's fault.

I am all for protecting the children, seriously, but M-rate games shouldn't be in the hands of kids that are too young to buy it, where are there parents??? This is bad for all gamers.

CyberSentinel3755d ago

Dream On B!tchez! You will NEVER, EVER, see Mass Effect on the PreinStall 3!!!

Blind Lemmings, Have To Spread Lies, Because The Truth HURTS So Much.

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