Latest Borderlands 2 Shift Codes Are Here

If you’re looking to gain even more keys for your Borderlands 2 collection, we have even more golden key codes available!

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admiralvic1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

That makes key 10.

yess1927d ago

Whats the point, you open the chest, sell the stuff and go play the slot machine for an orange, i am swimming in purple gear...

koh1927d ago

I guess I'd recommend not doing it then...? They're not exactly forcing it on you.

vayacondiosamigo1926d ago

I agree. Shift codes are pointless since the box does not give you anything good anyways.

admiralvic1927d ago

The point is that 2 main things happen.

Some people enter the code just to obtain a larger number, like my joke post above (I got like 3 and have no use for them). I recall reading some people acting like they're "all that" for having 30 of them.

The other are people that made an error. This could be misunderstanding how the keys work, so they might spend the keys on an alternate only to learn they lost their keys on the main or someone that used one at the start thinking they would get them easier later on.

Sure in the grand scheme it's pointless, but there will always be people that want to make up for a silly error.

konnerbllb1927d ago

Alternate or main? Geeze. Play on a platform that matters. PC has only one way to redeem the key and doesn't give you a guest account. Enjoy your training wheels

admiralvic1927d ago

@ Konnerbllb

Or you can completely miss the point and look like a fool. Both are fine suggestions if you ask me.

Joking aside, you share profiles and using a key on one account affects every other account on that profile. Not everyone is going to know or even assume that before using a key, so this would help them out.

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Tctczach1927d ago

So they aren't active now?

1927d ago
bigtrucknd1927d ago

I just tried to enter code 12 A.M. eastern 11 P.M. central on 10/6 and code is expired? This is dumb just give a freaking key once a week if the twitter crap isn't going to work.

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