Capcom: Brits are tax dodging, cheating deviants

Gamer reports: "Apparently it all has something to do with DMC4: Capcom has revealed that we Brits aren't quite as reserved as we're made out to be, after posting the results of a survey conducted as part of its Devil May Cry 4 marketing push.

As part of the build up to DMC4's launch, Capcom launched poll site, and published the results of its findings today – and what interesting findings they are.

Devil May Cry 4 is out today, and as you'll see from our review, is well worth a punt. Or at least, it is if you're not spending all of your spare time spanking your boss while your partner's sat at home wondering why you've not sent off your tax form yet."

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avacadosnorkel3573d ago

I don't buy any CAPCOM products anymore.

TheTwelve3573d ago

Capcom is a money grubbing company with no honor or loyalty, so I guess it's all fair.


BloodySinner3573d ago

Since when was "honor or loyalty" part of general business?

Tempist3573d ago

Snappy snappy... Clearly you have not read the article at all. It was a joke polling in viral marketing.

Chill out. If anything, no one was forced to answer these poll questions as they have. They're just showing the results based on how people freely answered.

Don't be a hater!

HardcoreGamer3573d ago

it is like the first ps3 game from capcom, how bad is that, but i dont know why they were holding off. anyway the game rocks, i thought i may hate this new nero guy, too similar, like a rip off of dante, but when i finish it i will see if tis all dat, im not buying lost planet though that is rubbish ih ave it for 360 and dont plan on the ps3 one. although im sure its just as good as 360 or even better , gotta get some source on that

avacadosnorkel3573d ago

And CAPCOM is a lazy underachieving American wanna-be

P4KY B3573d ago

But i put my hand up to being a deviant.

Vip3r3573d ago

"Apparently the Scots are the most devilish people in the UK, followed by those in East Anglia and the South East of England."

XD. I'd say we're more efficient than devilish when it comes to money.

Screw you Capcom.


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