Nintendo Staff Involved With Bayonetta 2

Nintendo producers are involved with Bayonetta 2 development, confirms Hideki Kamiya.

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Moonman2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )


"Examples of these sorts of collaborations include Sin & Punishment 2, Pandora’s Tower and Xenoblade Chronicles, where development is largely handled by the external developer (Treasure, Ganbarion and Monolith Soft, respectively, in the above cases), but Nintendo’s own producers oversee development and pitch in when required."

Bring the heat Nintendo!

LX-General-Kaos2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Yes the help of the Nintendo staff will definitely benefit the production of Nintendo Wii U entertainment system exclusive Bayonetta 2.

The Nintendo brand has a long rich history of AAA software development, highly ranked, and highly respected. With more than a few Game Of The Year qualifications under its belt. To collaborate that type of support with the amazing talent powering Platinum Games is a recipe for success.

I am looking forward to Bayonetta 2 and hopefully many many more exclusive Nintendo published Platinum Games offerings in the future.

Rated E For Everyone

Hisiru2276d ago

Well... Now it's 100% not coming to the other platforms.

But this is great news because I am sure they will help with the quality of the game. I can't wait to see what it looks like.

GrahamGolden2276d ago

sony has more game of the year under its belt and its out lesser than nintendo and with fresh new IP'S every generation..unlike nintendo wich does only kk marios games and company.

and keep dreaming about platinum games exclusives...they only did that one for wii u cause nobody cares that much about the game (1mil units only xbox-ps3 combine)

LX-General-Kaos2276d ago


If you believe that Platinum Games has only made one Nintendo platform exclusive offering, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

CaptainMarvelQ82276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

one time,when you grow older;you'll look back at those comments that you made ON EVERY ARTICLE and think "why did I waste so much time on this shit".Nintendo will not give you anything for your "advertising".

Those agree's that you get might make you think you're so loved,and that you have found your purpose in life.But it's just spare time that's badly spent

Trust me,stop.

edit:and no,im not trying to be funny.this is True advice

live2play2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

haha calm down dude

im pretty sure he doesnt think its his calling in life
and that he is mainly doing it for LOLfun

"you may have found your purpose in life" xD haha wow

one time when you grow older you'll look back on this comment you made and think "why did i think he was being for real and made myself look like a complete @$$"

edit:and no,im not trying to be funny.this is True advice

Hisiru2276d ago

Youre taking it waaaaaaaaay too seriously.

vallencer2276d ago


Platinum games is also making the wonderful 101. Which is exclusive as well. Also game of the years weren't really prevalent until about the ps2 era. So you really can't count that as a way to track good games. Oh and one more thing, game of the years don't mean shit.

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Knight_Crawler2276d ago

I am glad that Nintendo is onboard but my only hope is that the games sexual tongue and cheek awesomenes is not affected by this.

Lets hope that its the new hardcore Nintendo and not the old censored Nintendo working on this.

for we are many2276d ago

Excellent News, and this guarantees more quality to the Bayonetta franchise through this kind of collaboration.

Regardless of naysayers and fanboys, Nintendo is on the right track and gaining momentum progressively faster.

GrahamGolden2276d ago

the first one sold only 1mil xbox-ps3 combine this one will be no different

beside...with the king of the genre god of war ascension coming up and MG:rising who cares except few die hard fans.

Gr812276d ago

As you are a Sony fan, I thought sales didn't matter? Seeing as how PS3 has been bringing up the rear the entire gen and Vita doesn't look to be bucking that trend for the next gen.

Listen, I get it, you dislike Nintendo, I understand. But if that's the case, why bother coming into a new post and writing bs like this? Why not go into a PS Battle Royal post, or Vita post and dwell there? I'm sure your opinions would be better suited for those.

mike1up2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

"beside...with the king of the genre god of war ascension coming up and MG:rising who cares except few die hard fans."

Obviously, you care. You care enough to comment twice on this article. It's okay though, I got your back. Just let me know the next time that you are coming. I'll bring the some sad violin music, some kleenex, and we can talk about how much Bayonetta 1 sold lol. See how awesome I am?

Yea, GoW and MG are great games. However, no matter how great they are, you won't see me in a Sony channel whining and throwing a tantrum. You guys claim to be so hardcore, but every true, long-term, hardcore gamer has had moments like this (Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Rare).

Take it like man.

nintendojunkie282276d ago

BOOM!...GrahamGolden just got owned.

mike1up2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Damn it Mike!


I swear. I proof read, and edit these things.

...of all the places ...the last sentence!

Take it like A man ftw.

Rockoman162276d ago

You really are something else! lol, i hope you don't get tired of typing nonsense just for the sake of making people mad, "king of the genre", lmao, yeah, if you say so

nintendojunkie282276d ago

I thought that might be the case.This is definitely good to hear.

SpoonyRedMage2276d ago

Wonder if Yurie Hattori is involved.

ChickeyCantor2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I havn't seen you much around lately.
I hope Square makes a FF:CC:CB 2.


SpoonyRedMage2276d ago

I haven't been commenting much.

Yeah, that would be awesome but with the state of Square Enix it's probably not going to happen.

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