GamesBeat: Building the perfect squad in XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s multiplayer

GamesBeat's Dan Hsu: I recently attended a preview event for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and played two matches of the game's one-vs.-one multiplayer mode. I lost both of them.

So here I am, still stewing over the embarrassing beat-downs with no chance for redemption anytime soon because the final retail release of this strategy game (based on 1994's fan-favorite X-COM: UFO Defense) is still a few weeks away (October 9).

So I decided to enlist the help of Jake Solomon, lead designer of Enemy Unknown at developer Firaxis. If he can't help me put together the perfect squad of customizable soldiers and aliens (who are invasive foes in the normal single-player campaign but mixed-team allies in multiplayer), then no one can.

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Sadie21002279d ago

I think mixing the teams is a bad idea. Humans and aliens fighting like cats and alien dogs.

darkronin2292279d ago

Wow, I had no idea it was coming so soon. Can't wait!

illegalyouth2279d ago

Yes! X-Com multiplayer! Good tips.