Rock Band Blitz Review - The Digital Fix

For some quite unfathomable reason the plastic instrument boom has gone bust. Started in 2005 by Harmonix with the Guitar Hero franchise, people were able to position themselves as rock stars, playing covers of their favourite songs with the plastic guitar imitations supplied with the game. Eventually Harmonix split from Activision, leaving the Guitar Hero name behind - itself becoming an annual behemoth inline with other big names such as Call of Duty and Fifa. Rock Band was born out of that split, allowing you and friends to not only play with an axe, but sing, drum and eventually play keyboards, too. Along the way covers had given way to original versions, DLC became a weekly release event and with its last iteration, Rock Band 3, the chance to learn how to play each instrument in real life, rather than the simplified five button colour coded way of playing up to then.

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