Rumortoid: Mass Effect for PC is on the way

Destructoid: Until there's an official statement, this is slapped with a rumor tag, but one of our Destructoid Community Bloggers has seemingly discovered that his videogame store will be receiving copies of BioWare's Mass Effect for PC.

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Charlie26883731d ago

I think ME coming to the PC shouldn't be a surprise to anyone considering the history of Bioware (or any one with basic deduction skills or common sense)

I think the real "rumor" should be "WHEN"

talking about ME I am almost finished by before going to the final planet I am finishing ALL side mission XD

Kuest3731d ago

happy saving the galaxy!

Dr Pepper3731d ago


You've been gone for quite some time...

Anyways, I wouldn't be surprised to see this on PC.

Kuest3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

it seems the tables have turned... To be honest, I've been around for quite some time, but just couldn't bring myself to stoop to the level of tool-like fanboys, and the propaganda that seemed to fill N4G like swamp water. However, seeing as how the gamer zone was created... I couldn't resist another go at chatting with good pals and naysayers, who disagree with me when i say the 360, and its games, are delicious to the gaming industry.

In any case, it seems that you kept strong. Although, I see you've grown a beard and longer hair- have times been rough?

Dr Pepper3731d ago

Yes it has been a little rough, I also seem to have lost my goggles...

...I know they're around here somewhere...

Kuest3731d ago

lol. Bubbles, friend- I am surprised you haven't got to ten yet.

Here's my contribution.

JsonHenry3731d ago

Charlie, the more I read your posts the more I like you. We often seem to have the same ideas. But you are right. No surprise - the games have almost always made it to the PC. (With improved controls and MUCH better video quality)

Charlie26883730d ago

JsonHenry: I see you have seen thru the light and are ready to convert to Charlientology XD

But really I have also read your post and we do share similar view points and ideas :) ...apart from sharing similar PC specs XD

here have +bubbles :D ....for seeing the true path to enlightenment XD

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mistertwoturbo3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

So when is the 360 getting any new real exclusives? =P

Come on microsoft, the more you release 360 exclusives on PCs, the more you lose 360 sales. Cause guess what, some PS3 owners own a PC as well. Even if it's only 10,000 people in the U.S. that happens to own a PS3 and a PC gaming rig. It's still 10,000 potential 360 buyers who would have swayed that PS3 owner to also get a 360 if you would just keep all the exclusive games, exclusive.

Dr Pepper3731d ago

Microsoft gets the money either way...

hazeblaze3731d ago

In the case of Mass Effect, yes... but in the case of games like Bioshock, no. Microsoft only gets the money when they're the publisher of a PC game... they do not get paid simply b/c a game comes out on the PC.

At any rate, whether they published ME or not... this still diminishes the value of owning a 360. Particularly since these types of games are better on the PC anyway (for those able to enjoy them on a PC). It's all perception. If I didn't own a 360 and knew that I'd be able to play my favorite games of the system on the PC, I'd probably just stick with one console, the PS3.

Dr Pepper3731d ago

@ hazeblaze

Yes, I was referring to the fact that they are the publisher, so it really wouldn't matter for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.