PSN Roundup

Like an enormous bag of anvils sliding down a hill, the PlayStation Store is starting to gather momentum - well, at least as far as retro downloads are concerned. After a sporadic few months of drip-drip PSone offerings, things seem to be settling into something resembling a regular service, with another trio of worthy games showing their adorable faces this week, all at GBP 3.49.

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DarkSniper3785d ago

Only in Europe. US Downloads have stalled some. Dark Sniper is waiting and hoping to purchase Fade To Black on the US store. He is still searching for methods to download the UK version.


malingenie3785d ago

Me too sniper.

Loved that game. But I cant complain, Europe gets shafted more often than US. That's gotta change someday, we live in a boundless world now.

Lord_Ash3785d ago

It's good to have a site that reviews PSone games, I don't know some of them.

whoelse3785d ago

Now that the PS Store has a lot more content, it needs to be re designed. The current design was made for a store with a lot less content.

Hopefully something we will see this side of the summer! Come on Sony!

big03785d ago

Has anybody heard if the US store will get resident evil 1 and 2 the japan store had them for a while.