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Submitted by AztecFalcon 1257d ago | review

Final Fantasy VII (PC-2012) Review | Leviathyn

"Well, if you ever want to place something next to the term “money grabber” to further illustrate your use of it, just throw down this PC port of Final Fantasy VII and walk away from the situation." - (Final Fantasy VII, PC) 5.0/10

Tsuru  +   1257d ago
Soooo basicly you dove into the pc game with false information and now your angry because you were given false information on this rerelease? Because thats what it sounds like. Never did they state the game was different. They did not advertise it differently or say it this or that. All information i've ever heard was its the orginal game. (except for the midi music of course) but some of it actually sounds really nice. And i happen to like the limited loading screens, its smooth.

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