Xbox 720 to Be Fueled by Next Generation Kinect?

"When Microsoft's Kinect was announced at the price of $149.99, a large percentage of the media began speculating whether or not Microsoft's aim to make the Xbox experience more interactive would become an essential peripheral for owners of the Xbox 360, or fail miserably as many previous peripherals have. Here we are nearly two years later and the Kinect sold so well, it became the fastest selling consumer electronics device beating out the almighty iPhone 4."

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Godmars2902123d ago

Thought it was pretty much well proven if not understood that current gen Kinect hasn't lived up to its expectations. So of course with all that's been invested there's going to be another one.

Hopefully that one will work.

Brosy2123d ago

I just cant bring myself to like Kinect. My brother has it and admittedly the voice control is pretty neat. I just dont care for motion controlled gaming in general. Hate to see MS waste resources on Kinect, but hell its been a small success. Although I am sure they are able track peoples usage of Kinect via Live. Maybe they will see gamers actual time with the product v/s time playing non-kinect titles and adjust their plans accordingly. Then of course there are the actual software sales to look at, which Im sure arent very good. As long as Kinect isnt a requirement for the next xbox then Im cool.

Abash2123d ago

Kinect 2 could be everything that Kinect should have been and more, but I wont be getting it unless they start expanding the audience and start making core games for it.

PS Move's saving grace for it is Sorcery and Until Dawn is looking to be another worthwhile one

Hisiru2123d ago

If it's only 4~6x more powerful than x360 (as leaked documents suggest) then it won't be a big jump, so Kinect 2 better deliver, and I hope it's not aiming to much for the casual market.

Belking2123d ago

You call over 20 Million Kinects sold a small Kinect was a huge success and it goes way beyond gaming. Because of kinect capabilities and tech it is now being used by hospitals, airports, schools(MIT),Military,( uses it for rehabilitation for wounded troops), and Automobiles(voice detection). This was MS and Primesense's vision from day 1. This technology goes way beyond just games.

Maybe people like you don't care but the game industry is evolving and its clear that people like what the device brings to the table. Not every gamer is a Uncharted, Halo and Gears fan,.....And you are wrong about software sales because kinect has several titles that have sold over 1 million copies. MS is smart to have Kinect be a part of the next xbox. It complements it perfectly the way they have integrated it with xbox live.

Now bring on the disagrees.

Jaces2122d ago

@ Belking

We gamers don't care what Kinect has done for the world, MS said Kinect was the future of gaming and it wasn't and never will be. That is where Kinect failed miserably. Sold units mean nothing if people don't use them for their intended purpose.

If MS/Sony sells 2 million consoles but no one buys the games or very little, would you consider that system a success? No, didn't think so.

DeadlyFire2122d ago

Voice control has nothing to do with the motion control. Which is their main push. Voice could be done without Kinect if they wanted to do it.

Kinect is just a bad idea I believe, but if they push it with Kinect 2 crazy casual games at E3 2013. I will know where my money is not going.

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OneAboveAll2123d ago

Hopefully it won't and they will just give up. No one asked for Natal/Kinect. What we asked for was for more first party exclusives.

Dlacy13g2123d ago

Correction, you asked for more games... Many welcomed the tech once announced.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2123d ago

Maybe hasn't lived up to your expectations Godmars290, but it's lived up to mine. Not sure why yours doesn't work... too short? Too tall? Not enough room in your living room?

Well, whatever it is, sorry it didn't live up to your expectations. But it has lived up to mine. So I guess we even each other out. Keep going strong Kinect!

JellyJelly2123d ago

Nevermind him. Nothing from MS is ever any good in his opinion. He's just a troll.

Denethor_II2122d ago

@ Pot calling the kettle black my little friend.

Bon Scott2122d ago

hey godmars and other sdf tag alongs.

kinect must upset you that its a huge sucsess.
that's too bad because the reality is kinect has succeeded.
MS backs its products unlike Sony.
Figures you would stealth troll this article.....grow up.
I like the way MS is experimenting with this new tech,appealing to the casual while keeping the hardcore gamers happy too.
I think the 360 is the console that covers all bases this gen.
Can't wait to see how they improve it on the 720,
good times coming!!!!!!!!

Godmars2902122d ago

It would be nice if once - just once - someone from the MSDF could do something more than accuse someone else being in the SDF as their one and only thing they have to offer as a possible counterpoint when "their product" is question.

While Kinect might be a success with all the advertising its gotten and titles like Dance Central, games like Steel Battalionso suggest that's not a good general accessory. And its utterly ridiculous that such can't be said without some near bigot label being slapped on the commenter.

I mean FFS, you were given, developed, a brain capable of cogitative reason - USE THE F*UKING THING FOR ONCE!

JokesOnYou2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Oh please save the song and dance godsmar, you morganfell, bathyj, and a few other n4g notables you're all the same= longtime 360 haters, color your comments pretty all you like but Bon Scott is exactly right you're just trolling, kinect is successful because micro fully backed the product unlike Sony with move, and most 360 fans would love to see a "improved" kinect integrated in the next Xbox, why not if nothing else it has been a cool option for Live, family & friends.

Expectations are one thing, almost everything could have done better or needs improvements, but that doesn't mean potential still doesnt exist and kinect does work, just needs to be implemented in the right way, everyone I know who spends some time with it really wants to see micro do more with it not less besides we still get our Halo's Gears, Forza's etc and core games too. Games like Mass Effect, Ghost Recon, Madden, etc can continue to get better with kinect integration advancing but I'm waisting my time telling YOU that, those hoping for failure due to brand loyalty cant see past their noses lol, and its no coincidence those who swear kinect is worthless are the ones who swarm kinect news, you would think they had something better to do yet yet you are the first poster talking out of your azz as if you speak for 360/kinect fans -you don't.

_-EDMIX-_2122d ago

oh.....oh i'm just sorry XB fans. This isn't going to end well.

Nexgensensation2122d ago

nex gen kinect may revolutionize gaming period! with the help of bing, and being able to talk to your 720 or whatever its called, and don't forget the the hundreds of apps xbl already have like twitter facebook.

its a mystery to me i dont know what M$ is planning but this current gen kinect shows a lot of potential and may go super saiyan nexgen

ALLWRONG2122d ago

"current gen Kinect hasn't lived up to its expectations"

You must be thinking of that other device that failed, it looks like a Wii mote.

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Dark112123d ago

I won't be surprised it that happened.

trickman8882123d ago

Oh god please no. Kinect sucks , as well as PS move. Get rid of shitty motion controllers and motion control dedicated games, and focus on the REAL games.And not stupid ass gimmicks.

*Looks at past microsoft E3's*

Please, no more!

bubblebeam2122d ago

Move was pretty awesome with the sharpshooter for killzone 3.

I couldn't care less about Kinect. I just hope they make New IP's or continue forgotten ones (Lost Odyssey NEEDS a sequel or something, so little JRPG's these days, except the wii).

I hope Kinect is an option, I don't want an expensive console with something I didn't want.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

I hope so. I would have something to laugh about sice thay hate core gamers.

Only thing I am looking forward to about next xbox will be that pc will get better ports do to it maybe being a modified windows 8.

Qrphe2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

I have no problem with a Kinect on the NextBox.
However, Kinect 2 better be worthwhile technology; there is NO excuse for it not to have 1:1 controls.

Current Kinect is a joke of a device.

IHateYouFanboys2123d ago

Kinect as it is already has 1:1 controls, at least as much as a video game console can have.

you should note that no matter how much n4PS3g tries to tell you, 1:1 doesnt have anything to do with input lag. if it did then 1:1 would not be possible as everything requires milliseconds of processing time. even a regular controller has 50+ms of lag.

1:1 means that if you move x distance in real life that will give an x distance move on screen. Kinect can do this, you only need to play a game like dance central and you can see this.

Qrphe2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

1:1 motion technology already exists (as proven by the LeapMotion), and the Kinect is not it.

The Kinect has terrible lag, this has nothing to do with fanboyism, it has to do with its specs and its purpose (which was never really to be precision but be family-friendly instead).

NotSoSilentBob2122d ago

Just Report IHateYouFanboys as spam. All he does is post anti-Sony/PS3 comments. Down bubble him for trolling. He has already had a few bans due to his comments. He has made up TONS of FUD and gets called out all the time. Just help N4G get rid of the troll by reporting for spam and down bubble for trolling.

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