Why PC Gamers Shouldn't Pirate 'Dark Souls'

Forbes- Pirating ‘Dark Souls’ will send the wrong message, and is the wrong way to treat one of the greatest action-RPGs ever made.

Dark Souls was never about having the prettiest graphics in town. If you want pretty graphics, go buy The Witcher 2. If you want fierce, gripping combat and a seriously deep gameplay experience that The Witcher 2 could simply never hold a candle to, go buy Dark Souls. Just please don’t pirate it.

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sonicsidewinder2065d ago

I primarily play PC.

But I owns Demons Souls.

I'd prefer to buy this on the PS3 over the PC. It just feels more..'right'.

Pandamobile2064d ago

Probably because absolutely no effort was made on the part of From Software to make a proper PC version.

yewles12064d ago

PC Fans petitioned for Dark Souls.

From said "nah".

Bandai Namco said "DO IT!!! MONEEZ!!!"

From went "aww, this'll take time"

BN responded "NNAAAAOOOOOO!!!!"

BN begins hype train before development even started. *guaranDAMNtee*

And now you have this. Case closed.

MEsoJD2064d ago

It was their first pc port and they added around 10 hours of extra content. Most japanese developers have little experience in the pc field, we are lucky to get this much. Hell it was petitioned.

LAWSON722064d ago

How can you disagree with something that is true.

TheDivine2064d ago

People are ungrateful. They beg for something then complain when they get it. Its like Op Rainfall peeps complaining Xenoblade Chronicles has no extra content or some rediculous crap. From S added a bunch of new stuff and the game is at least as good as the console versions. It was a favor to PC fans so they can enjoy one of the most badass amazing games ever released.

Btw it wasnt their first pc port. Well maybe port but they released Ninja Blade on 360 and Pc so i would assume they know a bit. This isnt a game that needs 1600p or 120 fps though. Id be happy just to play it as i am with my downgraded port of TW2. It f****ng rocks and thank CD Project for they work they put in so I could enjoy it.

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zgoldenlionz2065d ago

Really no games "should" be pirated. I'm not trying to tell people what to do but I'm a firm believer in supporting developers you love. It's easy to save a few bucks and pick up a used copy of a game or even pirate it but i like to think if I buy games full price I'm giving the developers a reason to make more games the way I like. I appreciate atlus for taking risks a lot of great games would never have made their way oversees without them. I know atlus didn't distribute dark souls but without the risk atlus took bring demon souls to NA there's a good chance we wouldn't have seen this game either.

guitarded772064d ago

I agree... From Soft has given us some great games this gen with Demon's, Dark and 3D Dot. I bought all three at launch, and enjoyed them all. As for piracy, a thief is a thief. It takes a special person with a lack of integrity to take something instead of acquiring it with work and pay.

Tr10wn2064d ago

"developers you love" Magic words right there friend, i love rockstar, valve, bethesda and plenty other developers out there, my steam got 130+ games from those who i love, lets say i dont love Namco Bandai, in a matter of fact i hate them more right now, this port shows the level of interest they give to this port, even my friends who loved Dark Souls on the 360 wont even dare look at screenshots from the PC version, the game is so badly ported that even pirates wont dare downloading it.

Ducky2064d ago

To be fair, Namco isn't the developer.

I'm fine with the visuals of DS, I just wish they didn't use GFWL.
Even then, Rockstar's GTA4 port was arguably worse than DS. Yea, DS doesn't look as pretty, but at least it actually runs and doesn't have two layers of DRM (three if you count steam).

... and I've managed to excuse Bethesda for some pretty horrendous bugs, because at the end of the day, if the game is good, it's easy to excuse the developer for their mistakes.

In the case of DarkSouls, it still is damn fine game. Which is what the author is saying.
I'm still sad about GFWL though. =(


No win situation for PC gamers. If u pirate it they'll say too many people pirated it. If u don't buy it, they'll say it didn't sell well. My opinion is don't buy it or pirate it.

Freakazoid20122065d ago

What? That makes no sense. I think you forgot to add. Buy it and show the developers there is a market for their games on PC...

WTH no win situation???

wishingW3L2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

people doesn't buy stuff they don't want but they do pirate it because it's free. Another thing is that the port was a very poor one. If they support this crap then the developers will think that direct ports from console to PC are fine.

There are too many buts here but that's how it is. This is even worse than the crappy Xbox ports the PS3 got early this gen.

Tr10wn2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

There is a market for PC games, they are just too stupid to even compete in that market, there is a reason why skyrim was the faster selling title in steam history there is a reason why arma 2 is top seller even though game is 4 years old, those developers know that there is a market for PC gaming and dont give me the arma 2 is selling because DayZ which is true but the developer bohemia interactive they know there is a market in PC gaming even though they dont sell 4 millions units, THQ and Namco dont give a s**t about PC gaming they only care is for money, why do we have to give money to these "devs" if they didnt even try to make a good port? at least Darksiders let you change your resolution and is not capped at 30fps lol, dont try to be a smart ass, look at the big picture.

MEsoJD2064d ago

Yeah and if people actually pirate it, they would missing out on the online portion on the game which a large part of the experience.

Revolver_X_2064d ago

Agreed. I recently got back to playing DS on PS3. Even after the so-called patch fix. The glitchers and cheaters still run wild. Dark Souls is only a shadow of Demon Souls by comparison. The cheats are game breaking, and any weapon that was unique has been nerfed i.e. Crystal Ring Shield. All the weapons in DS and only a handful are worth using like Zwei, Great Scythe, or Great Axe. Even after they claimed to enhance stat stacking, lightening weapons are still the best. I regretfully say dont support Dark Souls. Because I dont see any support for their community. Maybe PC development has something to do with it, but that's no excuse. I've given up on the game. Maybe From Software can change my opinion one day. Doubtful

kingduqc2065d ago

720p 30 fps lock

Good port, good port...

No money from me

helghast1022064d ago

There's a reason there's an fps lock, I'll leave you to educate yourself on why.

dirthurts2064d ago

The 30fps lock is simply a cheap way for developers to not have to worry about coding around other issues that allowing higher frame rates can add.
A good developer (Dice anyone?) can make the game playable at 30, or 60 fps, or anything in between.
Don't listen to the guy with one bubble...
He would have left a good reason if he had one.

Tr10wn2064d ago

Yup i sometimes run my games @30fps locked, but there is a reason for it to be mandatory? and there is a reason for a mandatory 720p too?

lol i'll leave you to educate your self on why that is the worst excuse ever.

MEsoJD2064d ago

It's already been unlocked on both fronts, if you want to edit the game yourself. *look it up*

wallis2065d ago

Don't like GFWL because it's too much of a pain so I won't play this but it's worth noting that it would be easier to pirate it. That's just a fair point to make. However I have no intention of ever purchasing this game so it leaves me no choice other than to just not play it.

But generally - yeah you shouldn't pirate this. We cried like hell to get it, just be plain stupid to throw it back in their faces.

aawells072064d ago

How is GFWL a pain? I use it and its just as easy to use as Live or PSN. You log in just like any other service. Can you go into detail?

Ducky2064d ago

It is notorious for eating your save files.
... and the patch/updater is a pain to use (or it was when I last had to use it)

So the choice for most people is that they can play it offline, or go online and hope GFWL isn't feeling hungry.

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