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Rayman Legends could support 1080p resolution

According to new media released by Ubisoft, Rayman Legends could support native 1080p on the Wii U. (Rayman Legends, Ubisoft, Wii U)

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CaptainN  +   606d ago
Well, can't complain about it pushing 1080P :-) Hope its true !
Kennytaur  +   606d ago
Was Origins not in 1080p @ 60FPS on 360 and PS3? It would be weird if this wasn't full HD on Wii U.
DarkHeroZX  +   606d ago
Even if it wasn't it very well could have. That game is far from tasking on the ps3/360.
taquito  +   606d ago
lol.....this game would run in 1600p on the ipad, it damn well BETTER be 1080p@60frames on wii u!
thezeldadoth  +   606d ago
man. console people really don't understand tech.
torchic  +   606d ago
lol I laughed so hard at your comment ahaha

a bit exaggerated but I agree with your point. it would be tragic if the game didn't run at 1080p. there's no reason why it shouldn't.
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cycofoo831  +   606d ago
no game on 360 and ps3 is natively at complete 1920x1080p.

just the funky *1080p* marketing trick. then its really just 1400 something by 1080
Gambuzin0  +   606d ago
virtua tenis 3, rayman origins, sacred 2, nba homecourt, fifa street???they are all 1920x1080p games
Treian  +   606d ago
he means very few games
yewles1  +   606d ago
Don't forget:

Braid (PS3 Version), Full Auto 2: Battlelines, Super Stardust HD, Marvel: UA 1 (PS3 Version), Sony's NBA '07 and '08...

and quite a few more for both consoles.


He didn't say "very few games", nor did he generalize, he flat out said "no game on 360 and PS3".
--Onilink--  +   606d ago
well i dont know if its the case with all the games that advertise they are in 1080p. I do know that a lot of them are actually 1200x1080, which is nowhere near native 1080p which is 1920x1080.

Im guessing thats the point he was making, he just exagerated a bit
yewles1  +   605d ago

Actually, those kinds of games, like GT5 (1280 x 1080), Lair (800 x 1080) Wipeout HD (1920 x 1080, scaling down dynamically to 1280 x 1080 to keep framerate high, same goes for Motorstorm: Apocalypse) and SotC HD on the PS3, are outweighed by the likes of Sony's MLB '09 to current, Ridge Racer 7, Blast Factor, Calling All Cars and Echochrome, which are all full 1920 x 1080.

On the other hand, the 360's 1080p games are currently full 1920 x 1080.
kikizoo  +   605d ago
ure, only "little" games, you can't compare it to wipeout or gt5 (only possible on ps3 with that kind of resolution)...same for rayman (2D), 1080 possible even for xbox i think.
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chazjamie  +   606d ago
i just need this game on my vita
PopRocks359  +   606d ago
Then you're going to have to do some waiting. Rayman Legends is a confirmed Wii U exclusive.
sway_z  +   606d ago
Not entirely convinced there will be a significant difference over 720P and 1080P to most people, when you consider the majority of households (in the UK at least) TV sets range between 32' & 42'. Those size TV sets offer litte visual improvement, or too little to notice to the naked eye. So unless you game on a 50' plus screen 720 & 1080 is not that important IMO.
Adolph Fitler  +   606d ago
PS3 runs Wipeout HD at 1080p & 60fps, so there really is no excuse why this supposed "next gen" machine couldn't run all it's 1st gen. games at 1800p, especially a side scrolling 2D platformer.

It is looking VERY likely that Wii-U will only be as powerful as what we already have available, as pc's have been running higher resolutions than this at 60fps for several years now, without issue, so if Wii-U really were next gen. then the games would run at 1080p with no problems, that would be the easy part for developers, the harder part would be the frame rate.

So, it is all but confirmed that Wii-U is a Xbox 360 in different wrappings, & with a gimmicky, IPad looking controller.
IHateYouFanboys  +   606d ago
wipeout hd uses a variable framerate. Sometimes it's 1920x1080 but most of the IMO it's not.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   606d ago
Resolution and framerate are too different things.
if a game is set at 1080p, it will do so from the 1st to the last second of it.

Any fanboy knows that.
ambientFLIER  +   605d ago
Wipeout HD has a variable resolution he meant. It is definitely NOT full 1080p all the time.
NotSoSilentBob  +   605d ago
Just report IHateYouFanboys for trolling. He makes up facts and every comment is Anti-Ps3/Sony. If you hate them so much why do you only post in those articles?

PS hope you actually got out and about with that 10 day ban.
Adolph Fitler  +   605d ago
Exactly Chris...This guy is obviously just trying to chop down the "superior" to Wii-U, perfection in a black box, we call PS3.
There are also several other games that run in 1080p at 60fps on PS3 & possibly even 360 (not sure which ones, as admittedly PS3 is my main console, even though I own all 3, & I tend to own, play & know more about PS3 games, although it may have been Wii-U is a few months if it wasn't looking to be this gens Wii).

Dunno why IHateYouFanboys, you decided in your infinate wisdom, that uses variable framerates. I think you must look in the mirror & think, "jeez, I hate myself", as your fanboy spectacles you threw on to look at WipeoutHD are giving you an innacurate reading, as the game looks the same stunning resolution all the way through, & it makes many full price, retail release disk based games look like sh!t & run like sh1t.
WipeoutHD is an amazing feat, & considering no other PS3 games that look as good as this, (& once you have the Fury dlc or version, it looks even better) run at near as good a frame rate. I think you really are a Sony hating fanboy, or maybe just need a trip to your local optomitrist for a eye check.

And as Chris said, resolution & frame rate are 2 totally seperate issues, so how you've managed to link the 2 takes fanboyism to new heights.
And frame rates aren't usually variable either, they are usually locked at 30 or 60fps, & in more cases than not, if they dip below that, then the frame rate is dropping due to bad performance, thus bad programming. (Kind of like The Orange Box, Bioshock & many others on PS3 in the early days, when some developers were too lazy, or stupid to get better performance out of the machine, which is apparently the case with Black Ops on PS3, for a more recent example).

WipeoutHD does not dip below 60fps, & obviously is 1920x1080 (1080p) from beginning to end.
Agent_hitman  +   605d ago
LOL this game look so simple and graphically it's not that spectacular. So I guess 1080p will be easy for Wii U to render...

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