Hitman: Absolution features asynchronous multiplayer 'Contracts' mode

Hitman: Absolution will feature an asynchronous multiplayer mode known as "Contracts," IO Interactive revealed at a Gamescom event. Players make their own scenarios, targeting any three characters on a given level with any weapons, and challenging other players to complete the contract in less time (and for more money).

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Jreca2168d ago

This game is looking better with each new feature revealed.

mafiahajeri2168d ago

Sounds interesting basically time trials.

Scenarist2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

not bad...

adds a bit of replayability

GamerElite2168d ago

as long as it doesn't take away from the single player.

Audiggity2168d ago

This is a great idea. Well done IO. Adds replay value with a quick tweak of existing levels.

I doubt this will impact single player at all; it sounds like we'll just have the ability to pick apart the objectives of their pre-established levels (likely requiring players to unlock the levels in advance).