Remember That Game? -Darksiders

Welcome to the second “Remember That Game?”, in which I spend some time with an older game and talk about whether it’s still fun, and if it holds up to today’s standards. This week I return to post-apocalyptic America to wail on ancient beasts, be hunted down by gods, and jump through portals in the original Darksiders.

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SavageKuma2080d ago

I was just streaming darksiders on my twitch account, took a break for a while lol.

sonicsidewinder2080d ago

Never Played.

Feels i may be missing out...

Captain Qwark 92080d ago

lol i actually just got into it this year. bought it for 20 bones, played it in march. turned out to be one of the best games ive ever played, slow start, ending puzzle was drawn out a little long. those were literally the only bad things i can say about it.

preordered my collectors edition DS2 to pick up tomorrow right after work! looks even better!!!!!!!!!!

so yes, you did miss out lol

MattyG2080d ago

Playing it right now!

ThanatosDMC2080d ago

I liked the game... i just wish War had more weapons. Glad Death will have a lot more. I still want to know more about the lore of the game especially what happened before the apocalypse and War's story. The Darksider's wikia has a lot lore before the horsemen served the Council but i cant find where they got that story... is there a book?

I want to read more so i can understand wtf is happening.

camel_toad2080d ago

I'm not 100% sure but I think it was or still is a comic book series.

ThanatosDMC2080d ago

There's a comic book series?! I'll check it out. I was hoping for a novel. But thanks.