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Sleeping Dogs Final Kill walkthrough

This may be the best video yet for the hot newcomer to the open world genre. (PC, PS3, Sleeping Dogs, Xbox 360)

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Losyak  +   987d ago
Wow, it ain't no GTA, but this is nearly as good
alien626  +   986d ago
great game im enjoying every minute of it
Nocturne147  +   986d ago
Dogeyes :D
krisq  +   986d ago
Johnny looks like he could use some sleep :) No wonder, game looks awesome!
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Rampaged Death  +   986d ago
I need to play this now !!
chukamachine  +   986d ago
Looks very good, graphics and gameplay look alot of fun.

One thing though, i know being picky.

Running animation is awful.
yuval152  +   986d ago
The game looks great overall but the running animation looks so stupid.
nik666uk  +   986d ago
Jonny looks like a lesbian!
vortis  +   986d ago
Two lesbians disagreed with you...or two, really, really pretty guys disagreed with you. But pretty guys shouldn't feel threatened if they're pretty.
nik666uk  +   986d ago
Looks fun but so did Just Cause 2 until I played it and found it almost unplayable due to the controls, definitely looks worth a rental at least
SP3333D-O  +   986d ago
I LOVE Just Cause 2! Totally passed it over but picked it up during the Steam Summer Sale and was shocked by how good it is (other than the awful cut scenes). Loads of fun and one of my favorite games.
shotgunshine  +   986d ago
Picking up this and Darksiders 2 at midnight!
first1NFANTRY  +   986d ago
wow is it just me or does Johnny look like David Beckham?

Game looks sweet tho
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