Minecraft Xbox 360 Outselling PC, Mojang's Profits Set To Double

Mojang raking it in from Minecraft's console port, as it gets set to reveal second year financial results.

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Snookies122053d ago

I just don't get why people would rather have the console version than the PC version... I seriously doubt someone CAN'T run Minecraft on their PC, plus it's so much better with unlimited space, free mods, being able to test beta versions of updates, etc.

NovusTerminus2053d ago

I agree with you (Though I don't play MC) but allot of people think PC gaming is harder then it is.

A bad stigma which was started by the PC elitist (Not PC gamers mind you!) they post up these super builds with insane prices, and people just see the price and think "I have to pay THAT much?!"... People don't normally don't research...

And everyone wants to play games on their couch, and every time they think PC, they think of a desk... Not the fact that 90% of TV's and computers have HDMI ports now...

BattleTorn2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Well, I tried getting into PC-gaming last Janurary, after spendng over $1500 on the entire setup.

I can say the community was very unwelcoming.

Like, don't you dare ask about controller-support for PC-games!
"OMGZ K/M is way better! Why would anyone choose otherwise!" was practically all I got.
(And I STILL don't have BF3 set up to sprint with thumbstick toggle. It can't be done - I gave up. tried xpadder, ect.)

We as gamer love to completely ignore people's questions, and interject our own bias about the topic, and PC gamers do it the worst.
(Ask a question about Fallout - You'll get answers about Stalker)

My PC is a I5 2500k, GTX560Ti, 8GB, ect. And I have plenty of games (Skyrim especially) that simply won't run smoothly.

2053d ago
FanboyPunisher2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

battletorn, this is a case of user error. I know people with identical setups and run BF3 Ultra, SKyrim is ultra with perfect fps because its not stressful, its a slim game graphically for pc.

think you need to look into correcting your performance issues.

aliengmr2053d ago

@Battle Torn

I have the same setup but with a GTX 460 and Skyrim runs fine. As do the rest of my games.

I usually take it easy on the AA, 2x or 4x depending on the game.

Seriously, the entire PC community isn't the same. Now, if you are asking PC gamers how to setup a controller for an FPS, well you should have seen what was coming. In fact, unless you are a badass using a controller, they were probably trying help:P But there is another side to this, many PC games take full advantage of KB/M so its worth learning to use it.

Yea PC gaming takes effort, but console gamers treat it like rocket science. If changing graphics settings, occasionally updating drivers, and upgrading your own PC is too much, then stick with consoles. But if you really want to get into PC gaming that stuff will become second nature. The reward is an open platform that you can truly make your own.

There are plenty of sites that will help you with questions you may have so don't paint everyone with the same brush.

EVILDEAD3602053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

The fact is all of the indie Minecraft knockoffs were super successful prior to Minecraft coming to the 360, so it was the perfect storm when it arrived.

I think it's cool the 360 got Witcher 2 and Minecraft this year..would have never played them otherwise.


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Emilio_Estevez2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Simple - Easier to play on console, a lot of people don't toy around with PC's b/c of when things go wrong it's not easy for a novice to fix...

I play it on PC, it's much better there. Also, it's hooked up via HDMI with wireless kb so I can sit my ass on the couch.

@Battletorn - IP add is needed to join a server where 100's, 1000's of people can play together, but that's it(you can also use the actual address as well). Also, PC has party chat for every game with ventrillo and a few other programs...

BattleTorn2053d ago

Couldn't agree more - when it coms to easier to play.

I heard some shit about needing to know IP addresses in order to play MP on PC. IDK.

Either way, the game on Xbox has every set up for you. Inviting friends is extremely easy. You also can have party chat.

guitarded772053d ago

Yup... also friends. They have their friends on XOBX and not all of them are willing to migrate to PC... and it's cheaper on XBOX. Maybe they want the achievements too.

daggertoes832053d ago

Could not agree more. Would love to get get into pc gaming if for the graphics alone. However i know nothing about computers. I went on a site to get info and couldnt even understand what I was reading. Drivers, motherboard, graphics cards.etc... Then if you changed something out it would have to be compatible with your other parts. There is a reason I game on a console. I just can't do it.

AsheXII2053d ago

Im getting minecraft on the 360 to play with friends from my friends list. Is so much more practical and easy.

Muffins12232053d ago

Most gamers on console and most of there friends play on console so that's why its bought on console...i have both the pc and console version but man the console version is way more fun for me cause my friends play it on it and i play it with them

NoGunz2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

@ Snookies12
The 360 is easier on the electric bill.

BinCs2053d ago

Not everyone has a PC.

iamlegend99992053d ago

Bro, my computer sucks so bad. I can almost barely watch youtube video's now. Trying to get me a gaming pc though

ChunkyLover532053d ago

1.I don't even own a PC
2.I have been a console gamer since 1986
3.Its my own preference
4.Sometimes people don't really need a reason to do something.

I think for me its a space thing, I have a huge flat screen HDTV that I have mounted on the wall, my big comfy Lazyboy is perfect to sit back, relax and game with my feet up.

On the other hand, I bet people just pirate the PC version, which is a drawback to PC gaming in and of itself.

aliengmr2053d ago

"On the other hand, I bet people just pirate the PC version, which is a drawback to PC gaming in and of itself."

You were so close to a reasonable, intelligent post then this... /facepalm

Bad troll

ATi_Elite2053d ago

OVER 7 million units sold of Minecraft PC!

The whole "PC Pirating Post" on is getting pretty Lame!

007Bond2053d ago

Who cares? just enjoy the game, doesnt matter what you play it on jeez.

aviator1892053d ago

For me, it's just because I'd rather play games from the living room couch and on the big screen. It could also be that I don't have a pc/laptop powerful enough to run most good games nowadays, so I didn't even try the mincraft pc version. I'm not a pc gaming hater, I just find xbox 360 and ps3 gaming more convenient and easier to just jump in.

ChunkyLover532052d ago

That was exactly my point, console gaming to me has always been more structured and its what I enjoy.

Also, people were taking my pirating comment out of context. I was saying people were probably pirating Minecraft on PC, which was causing the sales on the platform to be lower than the XBox 360 version.

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Saryk2053d ago

I know I do no speak for all PC gamers, but I would never play Minecraft and I don't think that it is something most PC gamers would play. Glad it is selling though!

Emilio_Estevez2053d ago

Millions of PC gamers already disagree with you, statement makes no sense, Minecraft wouldn't even be on the 360 if it weren't for it's PC success.

blue7_72053d ago

So why are you commenting on a Minecraft article? Makes no sense??

Anyways that's pretty crazy definitely did not expect that for the 360 version to outsell the PC version.

Farsendor12053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

i agree i don't see the appeal looks fun but i would rather go out on an adventure,drive a car,shoot some bad guys.

i love indie games but i just don't think minecraft would suit me.


Belking2053d ago

XBLA is a gold mine for MS.

wiiuonly2053d ago

Crazy sales numbers. Proof that gameplay is more important than graphics.

Killman2053d ago

All I can say is that 4J did a damn good job with the 360 release, despite some minor bugs. It just runs so well, and split screen is awesome.

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