Uncharted 3′s Biggest Patch Ever Detailed

PSBlog - "When we announced Uncharted 3 we set out to make the multiplayer component as robust and compelling as any multiplayer game out there. We took lessons learned from our summer beta and used them for our launch. Since launch, new design ideas and community feedback have been applied to every patch we’ve released. We’re now on patch lucky number 13 and we’ve planted some fresh ideas deep into the game. Patch 1.13 for Uncharted 3 multiplayer has been months in the making and it’s our biggest patch ever."

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logster102053d ago

haha. That guy looks like Seth Green

Acquiescence2053d ago

And the other guy looks like Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day.

yeahokchief2053d ago

They look like they're really milking this DLC for more money.

I lost count of how many times they said microtransactions.

xAlmostPro2053d ago

@yeahokchief maybe actually watch the whole thing.

The mention th words 'microtransactions' twice. Under a section talking about that specifically.

Also if you actually watched you'd know that a bunch of stuff in this video is free+gameplay fixes.

mep692053d ago

NED RYERSON !! *Punch*

zeeshan2053d ago

Hell yeah! He does look like Seth Green! Just make them hair spiky and he's right on the money!

EeJLP-2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

"now Team OBJECTIVES will be decided by a round of Deathmatch"

You are retarded Naughty Dog. (as far as you making an "Objectives" mode goes)

Plunder is a great objectives mode (besides boosters). Your Objectives mode sucks since it's all Deathamtch variants and has little to nothing to do with Objectives. It's just straight deathmatch and zones-type localized deathmatch.

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Bathyj2053d ago

Yo, tell Sloan I said what up.

Bathyj2053d ago

A disagree. Is that you E? ;)

himdeel2053d ago

Sounds really good for someone who left a while ago and hasn't been keeping up with the patches. I got back on the game to enjoy some coop on the new maps and it was a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to getting back to play some mp.

Anon19742053d ago

I bought this game at launch and have to admit I haven't played it yet. It's happily sitting in a pile with Portal 2, Batman Arkham City, Ass Creed Brotherhood, and Mass Effect 2. Being a parent is sure cutting into my gaming time, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Doesn't help that when I do get time to play anything, Dark Souls keeps sucking me in. Damn you Dark Souls!

RXL2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Ass Creed Brotherhood sounds like an awesome American Indian guys porno name

die_fiend2053d ago

Sounds like you wasted a lot of money

badz1492053d ago

1 kid was okay as I still got plenty of gaming time but now with 2 and the 1st is already starting to understand things (2+ years old), I can't play like I use to when they are awake and when they are already sleeping it's bed time for me too as work is waiting the next day! 2-3 hours on weekends are my only viable option now it seems.

I still buy new releases every now and then and now I have lots of them in my backlog! Jak3 from the collections, LEGO HP 5-7, R&C Collections, One Piece Pirate Musou, Little Deviants, Escape Plan, Dokuro and few games I got for cheap on Steam too! now that MGS4 have trophies, I really really want to play it again as it's still among the best game I've ever played!

I have always wanted to play as many games as I could during my student time when money was scarce but now time-wise, gaming is such a luxury that I can barely afford!

Awesome_Gamer2053d ago

I don't really care that much about multiplayer, but when i do i only play Uncharted's (still prefer the singleplayer though)

user54670072053d ago

Thats it...thats the "big" news.......a patch

Oh...right :|

-Alpha2053d ago

Actually they announced a tournament mode and a whole bunch of new and paid content

user54670072053d ago

I know I read it but it still not that exciting

People were getting there hopes up here and the fourms it could be a classic mode or some single player DLC.

It's getting annoying how much time they are spending on the multiplayer when the single player is what made people fall in love with Uncharted.

I wish they gave Uncharted 2 this much support or at least fix the 1.5 update. Hell even with that 1.5 update it's better then Uncharted 3s online.

Hisiru2053d ago

I was expecting more but tournament mode will be sweet!

sikbeta2053d ago

Fixes + Trophies + DLC + added content you can either buy from the get-go or earn by playing the MP, big patch indeed

Ares84HU2053d ago

And all of that is multiplayer.

I wish they had something single-player related. I just can't play Uncharted in MP mode. Don't find it fun at all. Uncharted is a SP game for me, and always will be that way. The story in Uncharted is much more superior that the MP.

MaxXAttaxX2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

It is your fault for thinking that was gonna be the case.

Title reads "Biggest Patch Ever". Patch.
Aside from fixes, it includes a Tournament Mode, Block Mesh maps, 137 DLC items paid or unlockable and Trophies. That IS a big patch.

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2053d ago
Kaos_Vll2053d ago

there IS a classic mode, it's called UC2. you should try it as it has the exact gameplay you are looking for.

ND stated MANY times that there will be NO SP dlc. i see you have a problem believing what devs tell you nowadays.

it's getting annoying how much people like you want uc2 gameplay in uc3. no one is stopping you guys from enjoying it and there are tons of people still playing.

enjoy your classic mode

P_Bomb2053d ago

50 new trophies?! That's gotta be a record or close

CaptainSheep2053d ago

Yeah, it is a record. After the patch, UC3 will have 105 trophies. Before UC3, Burnout Paradise had the most trophies, I think. 98.

GammaSix2053d ago

i really wanted a classic mode :(

user54670072053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Repeat after me

Hardcore mode IS NOT a Classic mode

They are nothing a like, hardcore is bland, boring and lackluster. The only reason people go on it is for the treasures which most people still havent got because of the low treasure spawns.

You still have loadouts, you still have sprinting, your still have grenade tossing. It's not a classic mode.

Oh and disagree all you guys want...but at the end of the day your lying to yourselfs. It's not a classic mode, NaughtyDog have even admitted it themselfs.