New Black Mesa: Source Gameplay

Checkout some new gameplay from the Black Mesa: Source mod.

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ATi_Elite1936d ago

10 years of development and they have 3 minutes of game play done!

So my great great great grand kids can expect to play this in the year 3015!

Looks good though!

DeadlyFire1935d ago

Shouldn't be much longer now. Less than 2 years before release I expect.

CapsLocke1935d ago

Development started in 2005, so if you any good at math, it's actually 7 years. More on that, in 2009 they decided to scrap a better portion of game and redone it again.

And if you would do some basic research you would know that there are a lot of other media.

Anyway, your post is extremely retarded and ignorant. But hey, you can't expect any sense on n4g.

ATi_Elite1935d ago

WoW way to correct me! You win the Internet! Do you want me to Fax it to you or do you prefer 55 Trillion 5 1/2 Floppy disc sent by Mail?

7 years then!

7 years is still a LONG time! I've seen STALKER redone on 2 different engines in less time than that.

also I thought my post was more funny than R&I but hey you can't expect any sense of Humor on n4g.

stuntman_mike1936d ago

is it just me or was that way too dark??

BoneShackles1936d ago

dude love the iron sights