Report: Next Xbox console will support Windows 8

Microsoft GM Brian Hall revealed in a verbal slip that the next generation of Xbox, which some claim has been codenamed Durango, will support Windows 8.

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bintarok1898d ago

Very shurrre-prising report. Captain obvious has just smacked sargeant curious in the face with a brick.

under taker 341898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

If the next xbox is a Console/PC hybrid, Nintendo and Sony will be screwed. making operating systems are not what either company dose.

Xbox 720's expansion of games would double, that is if the OS is able to boot PC games. if so then the next xbox won't necessarily need to venture in to new ideas to stay in the console race.

kent800820071898d ago

I don't want to watch porn on the same machine I play games on in the living room tv, so no thank you

under taker 341898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

@ DeadlyFire

so what you're saying is the xbox 720 will have backwards compatibility. even still, Nintendo and Sony would be screwed in that sense too. the Wii-U won't have it and the ps4 would be expensive if had it as well.

"A PC game is never going to go away from the PC unless its in a cloud service."

I'm not saying "go away", it's not be exclusive to PCs.

"Its pretty obvious that Sony already has decided to either side with Linux or Chrome OS if this happens.

So wtf do ya need an OS on a console for really anyway? Web browsing, photo tweaking, file management, and umm.... games? "

In that sense an OS to Sony and Nintendo would be useless, as both OS's have very little to offer. whereas windows can boot all sorts of games and programs.

It's a theory of mine, not something that i stand 100 percent by, but It's Microsoft's call since it's their OS.

Gamerpeanuts1898d ago

kent80082007...watching porn on the console is your choice...not the xbox's...or is it =D

Dms20121898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I am sure that Smartglass will play a large role as an input device for a fully functioning OS. The ability to boot PC games would be sweet, but I don't see that happening. I am still confused as to why Microsoft has totally ignored a market in the hundreds of millions with Games for Windows, seems they have missed a huge opportunity in that.

nukeitall1898d ago

I have a feeling it will really be compatible with WinRT with the metro interface, not full Windows 8.

This means the Xbox can share a lot of the Metro style apps.

Anyhow, either way it is pretty damn awesome. I want Windows on my console, because it is so instant now.

ChronoJoe1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Microsoft don't make money from the sale of PC games though like they do their licensed console games, so there's not much incentive for them to open up the platform to existing PC games.

Also if it did just run windows 8 in the same manner as on a desktop as you envision, all you would have would be a windows 8 machine. It wouldn't be a games console, it'd be a PC. Different market. It would be difficult to market what would essentially be a windows PC to console consumers.

The only reason I would imagine them doing that is if they wanted to boost Windows 8 installations but slack off on developing games themselves. Basically cannibalizing their games division for the sake of win 8.


I don't think that's happening of course. Just explaining why this being more like a PC could be bad.

I imagine it won't be too different to our current consoles, just running a heavily restricted version of windows 8. It'll be more about producing a universal interface across their platforms than them being functionally the same.

SilentNegotiator1897d ago

Just like all of the other computer/console hybrids "screwed" the other consoles.

Oh wait...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

full integration is upon us..

720 will be a true cross platform console.

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DeadlyFire1898d ago

I think you have it backwards under taker 34. Next Xbox will not be the hybrid. Windows 8 will be the hybrid. Allowed to boot Xbox games. As most are ports anyway. A PC game is never going to go away from the PC unless its in a cloud service.

Its pretty obvious that Sony already has decided to either side with Linux or Chrome OS if this happens.

So wtf do ya need an OS on a console for really anyway? Web browsing, photo tweaking, file management, and umm.... games?

JBSleek1898d ago

Games are the primary function of these machines anymore. And making a video game centric machine in 2013-2014 seems like an unintelligent mood and they are going to be all in one media devices that so happen to play games.

I doubt Sony picks Linux or Chrome OS actually and use their own in house UI.

Dms20121898d ago

Sorry, but I would not buy a cell phone that only makes calls, nor would I purchase a console that only runs games. What happened to "It only does everything"? Or is this just a convenient argument when the Xbox is involved?

DeadlyFire1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Well I have only ever used my console for games and browsing the web. Both have been done without a central OS.

I am just saying that Microsoft has Windows sure, but others can easily grab a named OS brand to be tweaked to their console name as well if they chose to do so. Developing their own is an idea, but neither have tried to do so yet and Sony threw in Ubuntu support for PS3 almost at launch then took it away later, but ya know its possible with PS4 it wouldn't have any issue throwing it back into it. A Sony version of a Linux OS could also happen. As its all open source.

Jake11111897d ago

I lost all confidence with Microsoft when I played the first uncharted for PS3. Since then I have sold my PS3 and jumped back on Xbox. Microsoft is doing an amazing job! Keep it up! I will be purchasing the next Xbox as well as their tab and phone. I will also be buying the new VR head set if it performs well that Cameron is developing! CANT WAIT!!

the worst1897d ago

virus and pop ups coming to the xbox 720 watch and see

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user54670071898d ago

What will happen when Windows release Windows 9 in the far far future...will it the nextbox just be updated to support Windows 9 or what ?

aviator1891898d ago

Good question, but I'm sure everything will be fully explained in due time.

ChunkyLover531898d ago

Probably a simple update.

On topic though, its nice to see Microsoft will be fully supporting Windows in the next Xbox, it makes perfect sense and its something that really should have been there with the original Xbox and certainly the Xbox 360.

Colts4201898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

It works with the 360 right now :)I have Win 8.You can start games with it on your console buy games and browse all your stuff on Win 8 cant wait for the retail version to come out.

r1sh121898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

yeah, It does seem like MS are taking the whole entertainment in the living room quite seriously.
They have a very decent media player with a good range of apps currently,
If true getting windows onto the next xbox means you can do even more from the comfort of the Sofa/Couch.
Although if its about making the platforms identical then its probably embedded functionality.
Although it would be pretty nice to have windows added to the next Xbox

GillHarrison1898d ago

Game piracy is bad enough already, allowing a full OS on a console? Never going to happen again.

3GenGames1898d ago

PS3 had Ubuntu on it years ago.

3GenGames1898d ago

Doees that mean it's not possible to get it on there? No. It's still a fact it had it on it.

r1sh121897d ago

Its possible to get it on a ps3, but you need a ps3 with a very old firmware.
Then you can still install it, but updating it will stop other O.S.
If you are on a newer firmware then the firmware has to be cracked and a custom firmware must be installed.

egidem1898d ago

...and you're sure of this because?

SandWitch1897d ago

Because Win 8 will slow down X720's performance. A true PC OS is too big for a console.

It may have a similar-design OS, but not Windows 8 for sure.

joeorc1897d ago

" A true PC OS is too big for a console. "

That's not true at all, as a matter of fact that is a myth that is not ony Busted, but busted wide open! Hell if Sony wanted it could have ran a full Desktop PC OS right on the PSVita...and it would indeed run pretty [email protected] fast i might add.

If you want to see, see for your self!

Ubuntu on Android!

"In every dual-core
phone, there’s
a PC trying
to get out."

The full PC desktop for multi-core Android phones

Hardware requirements

.Dual-core 1GHz CPU
.Video acceleration: shared kernel driver with .associated X driver; Open GL, ES/EGL
.Storage: 2GB for OS disk image
.HDMI: video out with secondary frame buffer device
.USB host mode
.512 MB RAM

SandWitch1897d ago

I have no doubt it could run on console very very fast, but games would suffer from that because big OS such as Windows 8 would take a lot of resources.

BitbyDeath1897d ago

If it were to happen it'd be a hybrid not the full thing much like how Windows Mobiles are hybrids of it.

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