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The Future of PC Gaming

Leviathyn.com | Recently the founder of Valve and whole hearted king pin of the PC gaming industry, Gabe Newell, has spoken and his words may reflect what others in the industry feel, that the next generation of Microsoft’s Windows 8 may make a turning point in the gaming industry and for the worst. Does this finally mean that when the departure starts to happen and Microsoft follows the business plan of Apple, linux will become the next operating system PC gaming must have? (Gabe Newell, Industry, Marcus "Notch" Persson, PC)

decrypt  +   963d ago
Lol Windows 8 will just fail if MS acts this way.

PC gaming community is different than console gaming, they don't allow corporations to shove anything down their throats.

MS tried to charge for GFWL online service it failed on PC. On Xbox gamers gladly welcomed it.

Ubisoft tried to make games require online connection, PC gamers revolted. Games no longer require online connection, Ubisoft failed.

Activision removes dedicated servers from MW2, PC gamers revolt, Activision is forced to bring back dedicated servers.

I think history has a way of repeating itself, PC gamers will just revolt, MS will fail again. MS or Sony they need to keep these sort of tactics limited to the console crowd thats where it will work, in fact the fanboys will gladly support any decision designed to screw the base over lol.
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ATi_Elite  +   963d ago
Most of what you said is true and right on except Online DRM is here to stay in the form of every game being virtually a MMO or F2P on the PC. Online DRM doesn't bother me cause I have Internet access no matter where I am but Online DRM does annoy some people.

Anyway......Most PC Devs are already getting ready to move away from Microsoft. Linux and OpenGL are the new Frontier that will allow PC gamers to game WITHOUT having a MS OS. Windows 8 is gonna totally suck and i may even run my Hackintosh a lot more while keeping Win7.

Also PC Gaming is the ONLY thing that has kept MS in the commander seat on the PC and if MS totally pisses off PC Gamers, we have no problem going to Linux, OSX, or Google's OS and leaving MS in ruins.

Valve has been laying the ground work for years to go totally MS free and GAMERS will follow. MS OS has been good for Open Development of games but if MS pulls a Prick move like they do their consolers, PC gamers will leave!

Remember Gabe Newell LEFT Microsoft for a reason......cause he doesn't need Microsoft and neither do WE PC Gamers!

Power to the GAMERS!
Diffraction_Fos  +   963d ago
I have absolutely no qualms about switching to Linux or Mac if PC devs are willing to. MS has been trying non-stop to screw over the PC gaming community like it did with the Xbox community. It's time to send them a clear, unmistakable message - "F**k off".
rufusman91  +   963d ago
Piracy. Piracy everywhere.
hennessey86  +   963d ago
PC gamers
want everything for free, including games. If steam was available on consoles Valve would have doubled there profits. Any time a PC dev tries to combat piracy PC gamers throw a hissy fit its pathetic
Bonerrr  +   963d ago
Not true. The steam sales for the past 2 weeks disagree with you. I've spent more than 100 quid on the steam sales. I don't pirate games, Just music :)
vega275  +   963d ago
i hate when people say "i don't pirate PC games, just movies or music" but then get upset when someone does pirate games. that's the most hypocritical dumb s&*t i heard in my life. you think dev's should be paid for their work. but movies and artist shouldn't.


have a bub+
that was well said. i think gabe is worried that this will cut into their profits and control. after the BS they pulled with the new ToS. i no doubt believe that gabe is scared that steam will lose a lot of steam as far as being the top dog on PC.
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StayStatic  +   963d ago
"Any time a PC dev tries to combat piracy PC gamers throw a hissy fit its pathetic"

Any time a Console dev wants to screw over the consumer , many consumers will gladly bend over the table because their spineless cowards , it's pathetic.
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aliengmr  +   962d ago
Most PC devs are more aware of what kinds of DRM are tolerated. Yes there are PC gamer completely against DRM, but I would say the majority are fine as long as it doesn't get in the way. Always on DRM is problematic because it gets in the way. But did it stop people from "buying" Diablo 3?

Steam is not available on consoles because they are closed systems. PC gamers don't like to be told what they can and cannot play. Pretty sure MS and Sony don't want Steam dominating systems they control.
Bonerrr  +   963d ago
I run Wubi on top of Faildows 7, i truly wouldn't mind if i could run it standalone. I'm hoping most devs abandon M$ and go with Linux or something similar. I wouldn't mind at all :)
iamnsuperman  +   963d ago
I think that anti windows 8 movement has started with gabe. The guy maybe seen as a pc god in some eyes but to me he just a person who is reluctant to change (even small changes) and to me it shows ignorance. I see Microsoft trying to combat piracy as piracy is a big issue on PCs.
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Diffraction_Fos  +   963d ago
Nah. MS has done jacks**t to combat piracy, at least to those that doesn't directly involve one of their products.

The only reason they're doing this is because they know there's no easier way to rake in profits than to collect fees from game devs using their OS. This is their big chance to turn the PC crowd into another dairy farm like the Xbox community. It has nothing to do with "combating piracy".

They've finally found a solution on how to force devs to pay them royalties like on consoles, and force gamers to pay for "online features" as per their original plan with GFWL.

I wouldn't be very surprised if the paid-GFWL c**p gets another big push along with this s**t on Windows 8.
AztecFalcon  +   963d ago
I really like Windows 8. I don't use the Metro apps much yet but I'm sure when things update with new features and more stuff has Metro, I'll be using it more often. The Metro stuff looks really nice and while you can't have more than one app up at a time for multitasking, Alt+Tabbing is actually extremely fast in Windows 8 so it's not too bad.

I've been using Windows 8 since the Dev preview and it's been getting better and better. I barely ever have issues and the only thing that doesn't run correctly so far is Games for Windows Live, which means I can't play Fable 3. I can live with that right now.
Psychotica  +   963d ago
I was going to update to Windows 8 when it was released but if it doesn't support Steam I am not going to be interested.
Saryk  +   963d ago
I'll use Windows 7 as long as possible. Why upgrade, really why?

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