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Submitted by PopRocks359 1288d ago | news

‘Nintendo Harness Their Hardware Like Nobody Else’

Darksider’s II lead designer Haydn Dalton was asked about whether he thinks the Wii U GamePad is innovative compared to Microsoft’s SmartGlass. Dalton says that although Nintendo’s competition is making the Wii U GamePad seem less innovative, Nintendo are masters at making full use of their hardware. Dalton likes how Nintendo use their technology in ways that force players to physically interact with it in different ways. (Industry, Nintendo, Tech, Wii U)

Shok  +   1289d ago
Can't wait to see Retro Studios' game. That game will be the [early] pinnacle of what the Wii U can do.
Morrigan-Aensland   1289d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(10)
LiamDirish  +   1289d ago
This is what sets Nintendo apart from the rest, they build hardware that they can easily get the most out of. Look how incredible the Mario Galaxy games looked. The Wii U is gonna be powerful enough for Nintendo to create some incredible looking games.
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smikey1123  +   1288d ago
This is also part of Nintendo's problem. They build a decent system for the time that has a useful gimmick and they are the only ones to fully utilize it. Yes Galaxy looked good and was really fun, but that was because it was a first party game. Name the really good Wii games from third party developers and that list will be pretty short. I hope the Wii U changes that, but I am cautious at best.
StanSmith  +   1288d ago
"Yes Galaxy looked good and was really fun, but that was because it was a first party game. Name the really good Wii games from third party developers and that list will be pretty short"

Can't that also be applied to the PS3? No third party game matches the PS3 Exclusives in quality, but it doesn't mean they're not good.

I don't quite understand the point you are making as it can be applied to all consoles. The lack of quality AAA third party games on Wii was down to MS and Sony going HD which left Nintendo behind. The WiiU will have HD Graphics and will be directx11 compatible so that same issue won't happen again.
mike1up  +   1288d ago

Even if the WiiU is "easy" to develop for, this statement may never change. I am not a tech guy, but if it's Nintendo's hardware, they should know how to "push the bar" in certain areas.
DigitalAnalog  +   1288d ago
I really like Nintendo, I really do. Personally, the biggest problem Nintendo had on the Wii was that the controls were actually handicapped due to the fact you had to use a sensor bar in order to get the controls working. No control scheme should have that kind of disadvantage because the last thing you want when developing a game is when a controller can go out of sync compared on screen.

That and barely any good games actually utilizes the control scheme properly. At least - in a general sense 120% better than what Sony and MS have done with their motion controls.
stuna1  +   1288d ago
I can't speak on microsoft's kinect, but as far as the move is concerned it controlled better than the standard wii mote, so much so that nintendo had to release wii mote plus.
StanSmith  +   1288d ago
Wiimotion plus released June 8th 2009 and the PS Move released September 15th 2010. So Nintendo did not release WiiMotion Plus as a reaction to the PS Move.

Sony & MS released their forms of motion control as a reaction to the Wiimote. Nintendo never reacted to Kinect or Move.
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DigitalAnalog  +   1288d ago
I did not say that the MOVE controlled better than the Wii-mote. What I was implying is that the support for the Wii-mote is far superior than that on both MS and SONY. RE4, Shattered Memories, Margo Galaxy 1 & 2 played EXCELLENTLY on the Wii-mote and these are NATIVE based games.

The only great experience on the MOVE I've seen are the sports champions and KZ3. However, they just feel optional compared to the games I have mentioned earlier on the Wii. That's what I meant, MG1 & 2, Shattered Memories all feel NATURAL on the Wii.
stuna1  +   1288d ago
Oh, I got ya. This was not an attempt to rag on the wii mote for what it does, because when it comes down to it playing with a wii mote can be fun, and it ultimately led me into purchasing the move controller for my ps3.
CaptainN  +   1288d ago
Is it Nintendo's fault that they can maximize their systems potential while 3rd parties can't? Nintendo takes the time to push their games to fully utilize the hardware,while third parties look to pump out quick games for profit.

If I hand you a box of crayons that have 150 colors and I give myself a box of 16, and I say draw a it my fault if I draw a masterpiece with the 16 colors and you draw crap with 150? You use what you have to make the best you can do.Third parties always fail to do that on Nintendo hardware, yet somehow Nintendo makes games that always look amazing. Nintendo looks at their crayon box and says, this is what we have to work with, now make it a masterpiece.
miyamoto  +   1288d ago
Thanks for the update Captain Obvious. Of course Nintendo would have more time on their hands long before 3rd party gets off the learning curve. Nintendo obviously will have long headstart time and mastery of their own hardware... because they made it.
Same thing applies to Sonic on the Genesis, & Uncharted for Naughty Dog
You know why Nintendo hire Treasure do make exclusive titles for them? Like Sin and Punishment, Wario etc Because Treasure has the reputation for pushing he capabilities of any hardware like Gunstar Heroes for the Genesis, Go Go Trouble makers for N64, Silpheed for PS2 . Harnessing console power is their specialty. In this case Nintendo will have more time and headstart more than any third party.
#5.1 (Edited 1288d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
CaptainN  +   1288d ago
Ok genius, are you really going to show of Treasure as a good example. What did they make on Wii besides Sin & Punishement 2.....and sorry that didn't push the system at all. Galaxy 1 and 2 pushed the system, Metroid Prime 3 pushed the system. And of course Nintendo has had it first to develop but do you think all their studious know everything aout the hardware immediatley? They have to take just as much effort as any other studio. Just because Nintendo R&D make a console doesn't mean Ninteado EAD 1 or Retro Studios know how everything works right of the bat.
miyamoto  +   1287d ago
Dude have you played S&P 2? High res texture is not the only measure of a computers processing capability. S&P2 is know for the insane amount of polygons , moving objects & animation displayed all at the same rime. Trademark of Treasure games. and its free flowing and continuous levels not the usual compartmentalized levels of Prime & Galaxy. Also Miyamoto have the privilege, the right that his games not be confined by any time limit. That had been the Nintendo strategy. WAIT WAIT WAIT for the next Miyamoto game. Nintendo games made under him gets the polish Miyamoto wants for.them. Same with 2nd party but Nintendo published & produced games. Third party devs do not have the luxury of time and resources First party games have.
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Jadedz  +   1288d ago
Aren't both the Mario Galaxy titles, the highest rated exclusives this generation?
But I digress.

Nintendo will have tons of support for their console, this time around. If not from the big AAA game producers, then indie developers will surely flock to the console.

Why is that? remember those game engines they licenced from Havok? Welp, it's free to whomever chooses to develop on the Wii U (which is a huge incentive).
tolegittoquit  +   1288d ago
Who needs big AAA game producers who are all going bankrupt.

The important thing is having the same amount of exclusives like wii had from the really innovate guys
tolegittoquit  +   1288d ago
Nintendo has magic I agree with that
neutralgamer19  +   1288d ago
Lol again with the idiotic Nintendo fanboy comments. It's been proven time and time again Sony is king when it comes to harnessing hardware. Killzone2 proved it, Gow3 and of course the best game this gen. And most talked about ever UC2 proved it. Idiots before UC2 came out no one ever thought that a game like UC2 was possible on a console. You guys mention Mario games you guys are delusional dummies a cute g game like Mario that is in no way taxing on hardware lol Yeah compare that to killzone and uncharted lol smh.

By the way for you people that think Mario galaxy is higher rated than UC2 which UC2 sits one point less on meta critic. Both galaxy games have around 30 less reviews with UC2 having over 120 reviews in it's score and galaxy way less. Use common sense if UC2 had fewer reviews it would have a higher score more reviews water down scores for you rocket scientist. So come back when they have even amount of reviews to talk that BS.

Remember UC2 most awarded game this gen and ever. Lol that says alot right? Not to blind fanboy idiots. That holds more weight than any meta critic score that we all know the way they pick and choose reviews to be added or not is asanine and diff games have different amount of reviews.

Mario galaxy lol that could easily be done on a vita and any Wii game but can an UC2 or killzone 2 be done elsewhere? No one makes tech than harnesses it like Sony sorry guys your lying to yourself.
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neutralgamer19  +   1288d ago
Lol at the cute kids comparing cute lil games on wiiiiiiii to PS 3 technological beasts. Look at the progression of games on ps3 since launch to now and Wii s progression and you tell me who harnesses hardware better. Don't be blind fanboys plz. Ps3 is big boyyy leagues ill leave the same fluffy cartoon games to u kids year after year lol Yeah they harness their hardware well lol
modesign  +   1288d ago
this article should be called, DUR DUR DUR nintendo can make good games on their consoles, DUR DUR DUR .
avengers1978  +   1288d ago
Gamecube has Better graphics than Wii

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