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Submitted by Aclay 1222d ago | news

GameStop looking into reselling digital content

GameSpot- GameStop already has a solid footing in the boxed used games business, but as the industry trends toward digital, the chain is considering ways it could resell downloadable games. Speaking to GameSpot from the retailer's refurbishment center in Grapevine, Texas, this week, GameStop CEO Paul Raines said the firm is looking into digital secondhand sales. (3DS, GameStop, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1222d ago
This will be bad.. especially for pc..
Saryk  +   1222d ago
This would be awesome for PC. Going by how much my Steam account is worth, I would get at least a grand for my games I do not play. Then i would turn around and buy more games.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1222d ago
Agree, being able to sell my unplayed pc games? Of course I would sell if I had the chance. I don't know how anyone could think it's bad.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1222d ago
So getting games for $7.50 then selling them cheaper without the devs getting any cash is good for pc?

I meant to say it's bad for pc devs seem you forgot about them.

Consoles have lower piracy and most used games sales.
pc has most piracy and no game sales.

now pc will have most piracy and used game sales.

If you think pc got ignored in favor of consoles by devs before you haven't seen anything yet.

You are thinking only from a consumers perspective.

Now people will buy form your account instead of valve.

I expect free 2 play to really take over completely then.

But I can't say that that you shouldn't have the right to sell your games. But It will definitely hurt the platform you love.

Everyone's first though is "how can it benefit me?" my first thought was about the platform.

How can this be bad?
You could easily sell your game then buy more used games.. Hmmm I think a lot of people will take that route.
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PoSTedUP  +   1222d ago
im pretty sure my gamestop sells pc digital content. isnt buying the codes for the games at the store considered the same thing?
nukeitall  +   1222d ago
This wouldn't just apply for PC, but I think this is a great idea!

More power to consumers, and less to those big publishers! yay!!!


No this is for individual users to trade in their digital game license for GameStop to resell. This stems from a ruling that made it a legal requirement to allow all users to resell digital licenses.

Wish this happened in the US!
PoSTedUP  +   1222d ago
oh ok that would be awesome im sick of getting stuck with digital copies of games...
Patriots_Pride  +   1221d ago
What are you guys blabbering about? First of all Steam would have to agree to this - gamestop cant just take your games from your steam account and sell them to someone else.

This proposal that game stop is scheming is madness and Steam or any other digital distributor would have to be on crack to agree to this.
Oh_Yeah  +   1222d ago
heeeeree we go again -__- these guys need to go somewhere. Ill sell my games to the people first hand, better deal for me and ill make sure its cheaper than what gamestops charging them. i dont need a middle man ripping me off.
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rataranian  +   1222d ago
I can see it now..."how much will you give me for this?" ...Well it's not mint condition because you played it. So $2.
"...=( mint condition?"

Saryk  +   1222d ago
PC gamers pay a very low price for games compared to the consolers. Excluding COD and a couple other series.
rataranian  +   1222d ago
I'm starting to see that. I just built my first gaming pc and I'm liking it a lot. It smashes the console in every way also. At a large cost, but seeing how much money console games are it's not that bad. I still love the boxes tho too.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1222d ago
Who would have thought? I have trouble seeing how this would work for a company though.
zombiebirdhouse  +   1222d ago
So they are looking into virtual sticker technology to put on the title screen or disclaimers.
Summons75  +   1222d ago
oh gamestop, your greed and selfishness never stops amazing me. I can't wait until you inevitably go out of business and the gaming industry is spared from your tyranny
DOOMZ  +   1222d ago
Sorry but I like going to the game store. Dosent have to be Game Stop but I like the whole tangable/social aspect of brick & moarter...
Summons75  +   1222d ago
I do to which is why I will go to Best Buy or target. I will never give any money to gamestop in my life
MEsoJD  +   1222d ago
god GameStop sucks.
Roper316  +   1222d ago
only thing I use GS for is PSN cards, they as a company are just bad for the industry as a whole imho.
BelieveinGhosts  +   1222d ago
The version of gamestop we have over here in the UK is Game/gamestastion and is just as bad.
Vortex3D  +   1222d ago
Haven't Nintendo already done with the ability to give a digital download game that you own and change the ownership to someone else?

Of course, such system doesn't exist on PS3 or X360.
HammadTheBeast  +   1222d ago
Technically it does on PS3, where you can gameshare downloaded content with one other person.
MorteMafia   1222d ago | Spam
ChunkyLover53  +   1222d ago
If anyone could work out a way to buy and sell used digital games, its Gamestop.
ALLWRONG  +   1222d ago
cleft5  +   1222d ago
Ultimately, this means that companies that use Online passes to discourage used game sells would effectively be rendered useless. If you can resell a digital game than you can certainly resell the virtual online pass that comes with it. Personally, I am happy to see this happen. It disgusts me at how many companies are using online passes as a way of encouraging gamers to buy a game new. Rather than giving us an actual incentive to buy the game new, they steal away the online component of the game in order to force people to buy the game new.
bigcupofSTFU  +   1222d ago
what about greengaming website(trying to remember if thats correct)

is that any good?
Saryk  +   1222d ago

They have good deals. Most of the titles they sell cannot be sold back, however. But at least they tell you upfront!
cheetorb  +   1222d ago
Pretty soon we'll be able to trade in our underwear !!! Yeah!!
WikusVanDeMerwe  +   1222d ago
Did anyone stop to think that maybe used games are good for business in that people selling their games needed to in the first place to go buy more new games? No used sales means less games being purchased period since gamers lack the cash.

Used games is a double-edged-sword, imo.
DivineAssault  +   1222d ago
id love to see them pull that one off lol..
StrawberryDiesel420  +   1222d ago
My friend and I used to joke about selling DLC back to Gamestop. Those fools buy almost anything they can used, they love low balling the shit out of people.
TronEOL  +   1222d ago
If this is true, then Valve should start looking at alternatives. How about allowing you to sell games directly from your Steam account to other users, with Valve taking a tiny bit from every used game sold, and the developer taking another small bit. Not to mention it'd make it easier for the gamers since we could do it all on Steam, rather than making two separate transactions.

That or give us the ability to trade games.

Oh, XboxLive and the PSN could very well do this too. It's one thing I think every gaming platform should have.
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Psychotica  +   1222d ago
It would probably be just for Gamestop digital downloads though it might push Steam to do it too.
taquito  +   1221d ago
just so you know, you can sell used pc games now and always have been able to

I just sold lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2 for $70 on amazon, it was used but in perfect condition, as are all my games (literally over 400 boxed pc games and another 250 on steam)

i only buy steam games on crazy sales, the box is worth something to me, and later i can sell it

i sold my league of legends box, with the disc and manual in perfect condition to someone for $40, its a free game, and the code for the free avatars was used, but the guy who bought it wanted it just to own it, you cant but that anymore

many pc games come with limited activations, but, 99% of the time you call the dev/piublishes and they give you more, and m ost people never use 5 activations, and when its uniinstalled it unactivates
NeoBasch  +   1221d ago
really? -_-
Flavor  +   1221d ago
Publishers are taking an interest in digital distribution and PC because of its resistance to second hand sales. This will be a major blow to the PC resurgence.
SlapHappyJesus  +   1221d ago
Of fucking course they are.

They are everything that is wrong with the secondhand market.
Over726  +   1221d ago
Gamestop is killing the industry.
Gekko  +   1221d ago
I'm interested in how this turns out. I wouldn't mind selling some of my digital games. I wonder if this is for PC only or they have PS3 and Xbox 360 in mind as well. It's unlikely they can do this for the Wii though since of Nintendo's console content lock.

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