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Darksiders II devs lament "next-gen grey" graphics

Darksiders II’s chunky, vibrant visual style came about because developers Vigil Games wanted to “own the style” and avoid the “next-gen grey” look that too many games opt for, according to lead designer Haydn Dalton and art director Han Randhawa. (Darksiders 2, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Kran  +   736d ago
Too true. The only colours most games go for is red for blood, grey, black, blue and dark green.

You don't see the vibrancy in colours in most games any more.
remanutd55  +   736d ago
They should play uncharted, ratchet and clank and little big planet lol
team fortress 2, planetside 2 & fortnight!
jdfoster  +   736d ago
And Prince Of Persia... Most colourful game of this generation... (not the movie tie in the other one :P)
Getowned  +   736d ago
sure there are a few games to the exception, but I agree we need a lot more colours in our games, along with imagination. I'm so sick of apocalyptic games and there greys,browns, and dust. I've played so many I dont really care anymore.
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RustedMan  +   736d ago
Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, Metro 2033...Crazy Taxi?
Mutant-Spud  +   736d ago
El Shaddai, Bulletstorm, Alice: Madness Returns, Rayman Origins...
Gaming101  +   736d ago
All these complaints, and yet that picture from their game looks pretty grey, so does the one at the source link lol

The problem is developers are drab, and have no artistic style or vision, you can probably tell from the clothes they wear whether they have taste in bright colours, the Killzone 2 team probably showed up to work in grey suits (executives) and grey drab sweatpants (the nerdy developers) lol
zeeshan  +   736d ago
Ni no kuni, Valkyria Chronicles
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smashcrashbash  +   736d ago
Hey don't just drag every game down just because some developer shoots his mouth off. War in the original game was big mess of colors and clothing that did not look good at all. I don't think anyone who can't even make their character look like they have just splashed paint all over themselves should be talking about who uses next gen grey.At least the people using the grey know how to use it properly. What they did with War was not vibrant. It was a big jumbled mess of cloth. Make spectacular games THEN judge everyone else. Not criticize everyone before you can make any worthwhile. And before people jump to say it, no I don't think the first Darksiders was spectacular.
Emme  +   735d ago
Not really, DS was a brilliant rendering of strong shapes, strong colours and daring concepts.
pixelsword  +   736d ago
I don't mind people complaining about the lack of color when it's appropriate, but one thing I'm sick of is people complaining about "grey" graphics where no other colors will do. When people complained about "grey" graphics in Killzone 2 it was beyond stupid when the city was made out of concrete and not shiny blue-silver buildings which would indicate that they had money (Helgan is under sanctions which is where a lot of their money came from, for example) or just had to make do with the building materials on that planet. Really? Concrete has to have various colors for some people? That's just like complaining about Uncharted 3's dessert being "too brown".

When people complain about concrete being grey, I just stop reading and consider them too stupid for words and not worthy of a response.
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smashcrashbash  +   736d ago
Thank you. That is what I was going to say but forgot to put it in my original post. People cried about Helgan in KZ3 being grey and dark and it was a war torn, industrial wasteland. Did they expect it it be pink and green and orange and purple? It's steel and smoke and ash. An artist knows when to me mute and no over do things and fit colors to the situation. You make everything too colorful and bright and you can distinguish one thing from another especially in a shooter.

Look at Drake. He wears mute colors because it fits the situation. Just imagine if Drake dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, with bright purple pants, neon shoes and a large green broad brim hat. He would stick out like sore thumb in his environment. Why do you think that characters in games are only a certain amount of colors? Sonic, Mario, Crash, even realistic characters like Drake and Joel wear only a certain degree of color on their palette. In short don't tell me to have bright colors in a burnt out city. It is SUPPOSED to be grey and brown. Don't tell me to make it red and purple.
segamon  +   735d ago
perhaps that's because the games you mostly play are FPS or TPS. Adventure games are far from it, take Rayman, Uncharted and many more as an example.
Kran  +   735d ago
Wrong. I've played Rayman Origins (twice (360 and Vita)), Dragon Age, Ratchet and Clank, Skylanders, Sly trilogy, LittleBigPlanet, Brutal Legend, Enslaved, Portal amongst many more.

I've seen more colours than most I feel. lol
BongSmack  +   735d ago
Why did you leave out purple, orange, yellow, pink and light green.....are you sue you've played rayman origins even once?
Kran  +   735d ago
I said "most games". I never said "all".

You obviously also didn't read the comment i posted above yours.
BongSmack  +   734d ago
I did read your comment above mine, that's why I specifically mentioned rayman origins. I thought it was funny you said you played rayman origins then failed to mention so many of the important colors featured in the game.
I'm not sure what you mean by "I said "most games". I never said "all"."-I never said anything about a quantity of games. I never even used the word "all" or the phrase "most games" in my post.
cuddlemonkey  +   736d ago
Mario galaxy is the cuddliest, cutest game ever! Sack boy is cuddly but definitely not cute, although you gotta admit the Cole train is awesome !
FragGen  +   736d ago
Sackboy not cute? Watchu smokin?
Getowned  +   736d ago
I would think Sackboy would be alot more cute than a fat Italian plumber.. I never looked at Mario and said... damn marios Cute XD.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   736d ago
@Getowned, Lol so true.
Qrphe  +   736d ago
Yes man, you can't possibly say a fat 40-year-old-looking midget with a stash is cuter than Sack Boy
cuddlemonkey  +   736d ago
Cutest GAME, including EVERYTHING within the galaxy game, I never said Mario exclusively! You need to read correctly before posting comments that make it look like you haven't even Read properly silly, on second thoughts, sack boy is pretty cute to!
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sich92  +   736d ago
Meanwhile, the graphics are still PS1 level. Coming soon in 2013.
DragonKnight  +   736d ago

I think you might need this. Maybe blown up about a million percent too.
vikingland1  +   736d ago
Good one LOL.
sich92  +   736d ago
Yea I got'em all right woohoo.
Darksiders' graphics still are PS1 level, xbox even.


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Baka-akaB  +   736d ago
Adding screenshots makes your ridiculous claim looks even more ridiculous .

Everyone knows and agree the darksiders arent the prettiest games out there , but doesnt mean we'll follow you so far out there .
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PockyKing  +   736d ago
Who cares if the graphics aren't amazing. The first game was a lot of fun. I'd rather have fun than stare mindlessly at graphics.
SegaKnuckles86  +   736d ago

Really? Who cares? Certainly nobody that wants the game. The game looks nowhere near as bad as the best looking PS1 game in existence. The art style in the game is more important to me than the prowess of technology. You just play games only for zOMG LUK @ DAT RELISTIK GRAFIKS LOLZOMEG!!!1!oneoneonetwothree
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Ares84HU  +   736d ago

I'm just assuming here that you were born in 1992 from your name but I have a strong feeling reading your comment that you have never played or seen a PS1 game in your life. It's probably because you were only 3 years old when it was released.

Anyways, just to show you how stupid you sound, check this out, this is PS1 graphics. Soul Reaver is the game that is very similar to Darksiders II. Check it out:

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ziggurcat  +   736d ago
i think he needs more than his eyes checked... probably should go over the whole head, too.
sich92  +   735d ago
@Ares So smart you know how to click on profiles!
Not so smart when you think 1995 is the last year a ps was released too, idiot :) Don't show your butthurt fanboy ;)

@Baka butthurt much?

@Sega? "Artstyle bla bla bla" please stop there, just because the game doesn't have realistic graphics doesn't mean in opposite, it has beautiful, colorful, fantasy-like graphics. This game looks shitty in every aspect. That is a problem that doens't help especially when the gameplay itself is shit, and the story is cheesy.

My work here is done, you all need glasses.
I think this game was supposed to be released on PS1 but they delayed it for years and now they think it's a good time. SMH
Omnislash  +   736d ago
Son you just owned yourself with that screenshot, just sit down and let the adults talk.
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Hudahudahuda  +   736d ago

You honestly come off as autistic.
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vikingland1  +   736d ago
PS1 graphics, really? C'mon don't you remember how pixilated Tomb Raider was? We will have to agree to disagree then.
Getowned  +   736d ago
I think a lot of kids here have never had a PS1, and If they did than they need glasses.
kevnb  +   736d ago
ya, I also think most games on consoles this gen look really bad. They might have these highly detailed characters, or something neat here and there... but overall the levels are tiny, the smoke and mirrors painfully in full sight, the jaggies ridiculous, the framerates atrocious etc... I hope more devs learn to design within their means.
SegaKnuckles86  +   736d ago
This game looks WAY better than the first Darksiders. Good for them. One of like only 3 games I'll buy for the rest of the year. Looking forward to it.
PersonMan  +   736d ago
Wow, that game looks like a super nintendo game!
OmniSlashPT  +   736d ago
That's because most games nowadays are war games. What do you expect in a war? Rainbows? Everything is brown-ish and grey, there's dust, debris, explosions.
Of course a lush florest form Uncharted or eye-popping colors from cell-shade games look better, but games like Gears, CoD and Battlefield are trying to go to realism and immersion.

And I don't like those brown/grey games, I think even those war games can have a splash of art on them (just like in Killzone 3 and BF3 that look astonishing real and beautiful at the same time).
kevnb  +   736d ago
its just because the consoles are a bit weak. They can go stylized, or just drop almost all the colors coupled with narrow passages. Funny how infinity ward decided to just drop the quality level to achieve 60 fps and smooth gameplay. Yes I know the series is tired, but I don't get why more devs don't get it.
Ravenor  +   736d ago
There were lots of Grey/Brown games before this generation, I don't get why people are "lamenting" over todays games and the colour palette.

So many games come out nowadays you can easily eliminate "grey/brown" games with minimal effort and without sacrificing your genre choices.
Gridloc  +   736d ago
Metal gear 4 and resistance fall of man had no real colors but they still hold up to today's games with colors.
krisq  +   736d ago
Oh, yeah?
What about Limbo? Oh, wait...
Emme  +   735d ago
Mentionning Uncharted is a double-edged sword, the jungle never looked convincing, and the nighttime settings showed a LOT of grey in those shadows.All in all the colour palette was either screaming oversaturated or greyish, not very pretty in places.
Uncharted 2 and 3 were better, but I have seen prettier games.
Voxelman  +   735d ago
Darksiders was a really great looking game, and 2 looks even better.

I like it when games have a recognisable visual style.

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