The 10 Worst Final Fantasy Games

The Final Fantasy franchise has taken a lot of slack lately. Some of it is unjustified, most of it is. Top 5 or 10 “best of” lists have been done to death, and glorify the series more than they should. Granted, there are some fantastic, if not ground-breaking, games in the franchise, but the majority of them – especially the ones of late – have been downright pitiful.

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Relientk771856d ago

Final Fantasy XIV, XIII, and XIII-2

Bobby Kotex1855d ago

After playing VII years ago and remembering how awesome it was, I decided to get XIII when it came out. All I can say is I'll probably never buy another FF game. I just don't understand the obsession JRPGs have with effeminate men.

edgeofsins1855d ago

Watch out for Versus XIII. It looks like it will redeem the FF series. Unfortunately there just isn't much to look up but on some sites you can find a lot of detail about the story and the world and stuff.

blumatt1855d ago

I love FF 8 the best. Awesome love story.

Whitefox7891855d ago

@edgeofsins ohh well you don't mean at all a gameplay trailer of the game that was shown in 2011?

This should be more then enough to convince you to keep your eyes on this title, I trust Nomura after all.

blitz06231855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

"Squall is the worst protagonist"

I disagree. Squall is actually one of my favorite main characters. He underwent a transformation during the game and had a big influence on it as well, which is what main characters are supposed to do, not follow people around just for the thrill of it like Vaan in FFXII. It didn't matter that Squall was a jacka$$ at first. At least he had a personality and he wasn't boring.

NCAzrael1855d ago


Perhaps I'm just remembering it incorrectly, but you and I have very different views of Squall. Perhaps it is because of the fact that I played Final Fantasy games before VII, so I always looked past character models and pretty scenery when judging characters. VII didn't have a lot of great characters, to be honest. There were a few, but not as many as I'd have liked given previous games. Sephiroth was not the great villain everyone made him out to be. But I'd honestly take any of the characters from VII above Squall any day. He spends the entire game whining and being kind of a bitch, and pretty much gets dragged through the entire game by the supporting characters. And "Awesome love story," as blumatt put it, is almost as bad as saying Twilight was an awesome love story. He's clueless the entire time until finally at the end he realizes "Oh, hey, she actually likes me!" Never mind the fact that she's been throwing herself at him the entire game.

AsimLeonheart1854d ago

What you western people call "effeminate men" are what women like in the eastern countries. Vaan from FFXII was popular among Japanese girls. The concepts of masculinity and feminine beauty are subjective and depend upon nation and culture. You should not be so self-righteous and arrogant as to believe that only your ideas and concepts are the right one in the world. We in the east do not like the appearance of western male characters as well who seem overgrown, ugly, insensitive and crude to us living in the east. The guys you call "effeminate"over there are considered young and handsome over here. It is all cultural difference and no one is right or wrong.

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Ranma11855d ago

Final Fantasy X-2>Final Fantasy XIII

Both in terms of gameplay and story telling. Even though the story of FF10-2 wasnt even good

oli1855d ago

I loved the fast turn based battles in X-2.

dylandurden1855d ago

Agree. I hated X-2 back then, but XIII manages to be even worse.

Kratoscar20081855d ago

FFX-2 has one of my favorite battle systems and is has a girl only jobs system that is amazing.

FFXII didnt have neither a good history or good gameplay.

TiberusX871855d ago

XIII-2 > X-2 & XIII

Want to know something also? They're all directed by the same guy, Motomu Toriyama.

FF hasn't died, the 3 lowest ranked games have just all been directed by this guy. There are still other teams and directors involved with the other projects.

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jsslifelike1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

"And just in case you were wondering, my top FF games of all time are:
5) Final Fantasy (mostly for nostalgic purposes)
4) Final Fantasy VII
3) Final Fantasy IV
2) Final Fantasy X
1) Final Fantasy VI"

Really? After he named all of the supposed shit ones, there really weren't that many left.

These "Top X of Y" articles need to DIAF.

Plus, The Crystal Bearers not being mentioned automatically discredits the piece.

StraightPath1855d ago

FF8 = Fail article author is not a ff fan rather then a noob.

Relientk771855d ago

Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X are the best of the series IMO

iamtehpwn1855d ago

Really? You're saying X-2 is better than XIII-2? You've obviously never played XIII-2.

entitygm1855d ago

Not to mention the draw system was entirely optional. You could sit there and draw 10,000 spells if you really wanted to, or you could draw the bare minimum. The quickest route was to have your magic draw while the others battled the distribute them out so you weren't drawing 1-2 with a fighter.

The level system in FF8 was excellent about this. If you spent time on the grind to level up, the enemies did so as well. If you felt like speeding through instead, the enemies stayed low level. Enemy difficulty was based on your strength so it was consistent and didn't require grinding at all.

TiberusX871855d ago

A lot of people bash XIII-2 without even playing it, because of the stigma behind XIII.

I struggled to complete XIII, and I got the Platinum trophy for XIII-2. Massive difference, and a great leap up.

That being said, the next core FF won't have anything to do with Motomu Toriyama anyway, so the style will be completely different. Bring on Ito's Team for XV (VI, IX & XII)

Leonesaurus1855d ago

"1) Final Fantasy XIV

The only game on the list I have never played"

This list is void the second the author of this article said that.

But to be honest, if the person did not like FF XI, then chances are he most likely won't have an open enough mind to like the things in FF XIV.

I can't really argue against some of the things this author says about FF XI, since if you don't like the game because of some of the reasons he/she gave, that's taste and opinion. And that's his/her right to dislike that game.

I love FF XI personally, and I also really enjoy and love FF XIV.

You can argue against the launch of FF XIV till the sun goes down but if you haven't played the game you really have no say in whether it is good/bad or #1 on a list or #10 on a list.

Even if you still have the same close-minded opinion on the game after playing it, at least you can say you played it a considerable amount of time to form an intelligent opinion.

FF XIV actually has one of the most interesting worlds and stories I've seen and played in any FF game I've played. Not saying it is the best, because that is up to a persons own opinion.

But I would go as far to argue and say that it is vastly over-criticized to the point where no one actually gets to understand and explore the story and praise some of the interesting things in the game's lore.

As for FF XIII and XIII-2, even though I did find some enjoyment out of them compared to most gamers, I understand 100% why they would be up on a list and vastly disliked.

Then again, I guess I could say the same about FF XIV, but for entirely different reasons and unfortunate circumstances.

Hopefully, FF XIV 2.0 will make people change their minds and perception on the game to some degree.

tommygunzII1854d ago

I agree 100%.

FFXI was a brilliant game. Heres to hoping that FFXIV will be half as great.

TiberusX871855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Isn't obvious after all this discussion that the Final Fantasy fanbase is so large that it is completely divided on every single entry?

There are always different directors & teams involved with each entry into the FF series. That means there will always be changes, new ideas and different directions. Hence a split fanbase for every release.

There is not a single Final Fantasy that someone doesn't hate, or rated below one of others. So lets just keep playing, as this will just continue as long as the series is alive.

/ Point Made

Hicken1855d ago

My one bubble is to say that I'm giving YOU a bubble for saying something intelligent.

360ICE1854d ago

I'm not saying don't criticize Final Fantasy, because I think there's always room for some positive criticism, but I will say don't expect so damn much from FF. FFVII, FFIX, FFVI, FFIV or FFX or whatever one is your favorite has never been and will never be the norm of JRPGs, RPGs or even FF games. They're the absolute gold standard. No company is likely to keep giving out 10/10 masterpieces after another, and given how little people expect from JRPGs in general, I'd say it's pretty weird how much pressure people put on FF.

What if FFXII was an independent release, not made by Squarenix? I bet you, it'd be a cult classic and a fan favorite, and people would be looking at Square, and ask why they can't make games like that.

But, yeah, a lot is wrong with FF, so by all means speak out.

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Pozzle1856d ago

Dirge of Cerberus for me. Way to turn such a classic and memorable RPG and turns its world and characters into generic, dull, shooter crap.

edgeofsins1855d ago

If you are playing only a person that shoots a gun I don't expect them to have the usual RPG combat.

Pozzle1855d ago

I've got no problem with Square making a shooter sequel to an RPG. But they just...didn't make a good game.

The controls were clunky, the RPG elements and levelling system was silly for a shooter, the locations were dull and grey and looked nothing like they did in FFVII, the non-FFVII characters were one-dimensional stereotypes (e.g. the Russian spy. FFVII's world doesn't even have a Russia!), the story was nonsensical (! Hojo downloading his conscience into the main!), the AI was stupid beyond belief, and most of the time you're just running through linear grey levels to shoot the same two bad guy types (the generic gunmen and the generic snipers) over and over again.

It was a paint-by-numbers shooter, and if it wasn't set in the FFVII world, I doubt it would have recieved as many positive reviews as it did. Square can do so much better than that.

user54670071856d ago

"Final Fantasy VIII"



Get out, no honestly I mean it I'm sick of people saying FF8 was a bad FF game. FF13 was a bad FF game, FF8 was in my opinion one of the best. Great music, great story, great main character development.

"Squall was hands down the worst protagonist of the series to that point"

Oh so I'm guessing all that great character development thats stretched over the 4 discs makes him the worst protagonist. The way they transform is character from a loney selfish jerk in the beginging to a brave heroic leader at the end is amazing. People, FF8 haters, only judge his character from the person we meet at the beginging of the game not the person the game transform him into by the end of the game, the end of Squalls journey.

"The experimental combat system had potential"

Don't bother mention the junction system, the excuses I hear for that are amazing. In one sentence people say it was too easy, but in the next I hear it was too complicated...I mean what is it then.

"But my real problem with VIII is that the characters were stereotyped into the same roles as they were in VII. It’s almost as if Square was intentionally trying to capitalize on the success of its predecessor by creating a very similar game." they wern't. At least Squall had good reasons to why he was the selfish jerk he was in the beginging on the game, Cloud had none and yet he is never called an "emo". The reason why FF8 is so hated is because it wasn't a sequel to FF7, even though fans knew at the time that each FF game tells a differn't story.

The problem with FF8 is that people nitpicked it to death, if it had come before FF7 and was the first FF PS1 game then that would of been hailed as the "greatest" FF game ever.

Irishguy951855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I would have agreed with you, but Cloud wasn't Emo at all in FF7. You remember incorrectly. He wasn't particluarly a **** either, only to barret who was a **** to him, and yes he had much greater reason to be a ****ed up person than Squall, Squall was damaged from being left alone/not trusting people etc. Cloud was experimented on with Jenova cells while he was a weak kid....along with being traumatized by Nibelhiem incident

FF8 is great i'm replaying it now btw. Imo the junction system is too easy, the characters are poorly developed and some of the plot devices were pretty retarded./orphanage/. 3rd disk lets it down imo/ Sorta drags too long in that.

FF8 was also my first FF. FF7 is my favorite for a variety of reasons/ FF8 is in my top 10 list too/ It definitely isn't a bad game/ Although if some people think it is then fine, I can see why they would

LightofDarkness1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Wow, it sounds like you haven't even played VII. VIII has one of the worst plotlines in a videogame that I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through. It is beyond ridiculous. Orphanage scene, anyone?

The draw system practically forces grinding, junctions and practically everything about them make the game simultaneously too easy and infuriating, and that damn card game... it confuses me to no end how anyone could consider this game to be one of the best in franchise.

HammadTheBeast1855d ago

So, one scene majes the whole plot go bad? The plotline with Siefer and the characters are pretty awesome, especially Irvine. Sure, the card game is messy, but you dont have to play it, and it gets fun once you know how to play. Trust me.

NeXXXuS1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

If you knew anything about FFVIII, you would know that the draw system was not necessary unless you wanted it to be. They had a completely different system for creating magic from items with a GF's ability. There was no need to grind magic if you didn't want to. And the card game was just something extra. You didn't need to play it, they just included it in there for some extra fun. I actually got the Lionheart on Disc 2 because of Triple Triad.

user54670071855d ago

Someone tells me off that I havent played FF7 and yet hasn't got a clue what he's talking about with FF8