Does the Ouya Have a Chance?

STP: Free-to-play games were all over the news earlier this week with the announcement of the Kickstarter for the open Ouya game console (please honor the memory of Mr. Randy Savage when pronouncing the machine’s name by really putting oomph into it--OOH-yeaaah!”). According to its handlers, the Ouya is an Android-based console that encourages devs to make and distribute homebrew games. It’s cheap, and it’s built on a wonderful concept, but I’m wary of it.

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versusALL2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Seems like a very interesting console. I love how they encorge software creation, and tge 99$ isnt bad either. The only problem I see is no major exclusive(hopefully they gett one). I wish the Ouya team great success.

Fishy Fingers2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

The exclusive is the fact, you can make your own game (aka exclusive or homebrew) and release it for everyone with the system to enjoy. Thats an exclusive you wont find on any other 'console', thats the whole point.

brish2344d ago

I don't buy a console for hardware, I get them for games.

The Ouya can be successful if there are good games for it.

Summons752344d ago

well seeing no developer actually wants to develop for it and every game being free to play means no incoming revenue then my guess is no, seeing as you need money to survive and it looks like they won't be making much money

MilkMan2344d ago

That's not the case. Lots of developers are under contacts by publishers so they cannot develop for this system, however it would be incredibly beneficial if they did because they would receive massive amounts of profit as opposed to the publishers getting the bigger cut.

So its not that they don't want to, its more like they cant and they have to figure out how.
They indies are easiest because they are beholden to no one.

I would assume developers that do not have permanent resident in any publishing house can work wonders as well. Say like a Grasshopper Manufacturer/Suda51.

Think about it.

Tonester9252344d ago

Maybe it will be something like games for the iPhone?

Where you can download them for free but they have things for you to buy with real money inside of the game.

MilkMan2344d ago

Yep, it has a chance.
I'm all invested in it.

Fishy Fingers2344d ago

It's never going to be a mainstream device, but for those interested in open source development, getting their craft and games into peoples homes and onto their TVs, it excellent.

The whole point of Ouya is to corner a section of the market currently ignored by the console manufacturers.

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The story is too old to be commented.