Ubisoft shoots down numerous recent Far Cry 2 rumors

There have been some incorrect reports around the web that Far Cry 2 will have mutant enemies or that your character will have some kind of mutation, and that Far Cry 2 is now PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Creative Director Clint Hocking puts these false reports to rest: there are no mutants of any kind in Far Cry 2 and Ubisoft are releasing Far Cry 2 simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360!

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Blademask3826d ago

There are thousands of these daily on N4G.

"Will a 360 controller come to the ps3? Find out after the jump!"



Then its posted here as news?

Violater3826d ago

No bald space marines


InYourMom3826d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

would of said that Farcry 2 is a PS3 exlcusive besides PS3 fanboys?

EDIT: @1.3: You need to learn to read fool. I was answering #1's question and I never said that it doesn't work both ways. I know you have some inferiority complex and can't resist not finding some way to jab back. But your MGS comment is completely off-topic..

@1.4 - It may of been a type-o but who perpetuated it on the internet and on this site?? Do I need to pull the link up to show you the fanboys pissing frenzy that went on about it being a potential exclusive? It was a type-o that the fanboys, in this case the PS3 fanboys, had to run with.

heyheyhey3826d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

would have said that MGS4 is coming to the 360 other than xdenial boys?

it works both ways you see

EDIT: i know that its off-topic, i just like how you blame everything on sony fans so i decided to remind you that 360 fans can also be rabid and speculative

mighty_douche3826d ago

dude that story came from a game shop/mag just missing 360 off, a typo, so NOT ps3 fanboys.

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Crazy Larry3826d ago

My console can beat up your console...

CRIMS0N_W0LF3825d ago

Hi fanboy actually it was an xbox site to say FarCry2 may be PS3 exclusive.

InYourMom3825d ago

It was a retail website that listed it as only for PS3, which was essentially a type-O and PS3 fanboys ran with it.

I'm just glad that it's all sorted now.

liquidsnake3825d ago

Please, ho the hell comes up with rumors like "there will be mutants in Far Cry 2". I mean wtf?!

NRG3825d ago

There were mutants in the first Far Cry. The main character, Jack Carver, also becomes infected.

aceman73825d ago

I really wanted this to be a true PC exclusive.

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