Metal Gear Solid 4 Gets Trophy Support; New Announcements Coming at August Event

Metal Gear Solid 4 will get a Trophy patch, according to an interview with Hideo Kojima in this week's Famitsu. The magazine does not reveal a date for the patch, but MGS4 is scheduled to receive a budget release in in August, so the timing could coincide with that.


"This report does appear to be true. The Trophy support will be included out the box with a 3,990 yen "PlayStation 3 The Best" budget version of MGS4 in August. Current MGS4 owners will be able to patch their copy of the game."

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Nitrowolf21870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

OMG after all that waiting it's finally happening!! Wonder what took them so dam long.

I hope there's a surprise hidden trophy (the plat) that hints MGS5. Like "The end...or is it?" Four years of waiting though there has to be more to this surprise.

Nitrowolf21870d ago

You know what, it's time they announce the director cut version of MGS4. MGS4: Substance :P

victorGma211870d ago

Oh god I can't believe this is happening! I am really happy to see this!

I hope the same thing will happen with Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Gaming1011870d ago

Talk about 4 years too late, I mean holy crap, it's going to be another 4 years at least till we even see Metal Gear 5, most people have probably sold their copies of MGS4 by now given its only 8 bucks used most places.
All I can say is, luckily there will be no online trophies as that went offline already, seriously, the online game was only being played 4 years later by the biggest fanatics on the planet, does anyone really want to mix it up with those weirdos? lol didn't think so

guitarded771870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )


If I get my hopes up and this is a troll, I will hunt him down and do unspeakable things.

I have serious doubts... why stop support for MGO and then give a trophy patch? Why after all this time? I'm not complaining, I just don't trust a no name site with no proof.

But with such fine writing as this... "There will be some sort of announcement at the this event, Kojima reveals in the interview.", how can I not believe them.

Another quote:
"we're not totally sure of the source for this particular report, but we should have confirmation later in the day."

I'm calling fake here.

blitz06231870d ago

Finally, a good reason to play this game again

jimbobwahey1870d ago


A good game is a good game, regardless of when it was released. What's wrong with adding trophies to a game that a lot of people enjoyed? For some it will be a nice excuse to replay the game again.

yewles11870d ago


MGS: Integral
MGS2: Substance
MGS3: Subsistance
And possibly...
MGS4: Sustenance???

aaron58291870d ago

Ahhh..... more reason to complete it for the 30th time !

Hey ! At least I dont have to hunt down all frogs in 1 playthrough ! :)

EeJLP-1870d ago


Now give us trophies for:
Resistance: Fall of Man
The Orange Box
Civilization: Revolution
Motorstorm 1
Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD and QFB
Heavenly Sword

and I'll be even happier.

Electroshocked1870d ago

@EeJLP And Assassin's Creed, I mean, it's so frustrating that the XBOX got achievements for it and the PS3 didn't get trophies for it.

Winter47th1870d ago Show
badz1491870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

MEGATON! most wanted trophies since the beginning! I still have my copy too! don't wanna sell it EVER!

morganfell1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

The best title I ever played. I have stated it numerous times here over the years and am not just jumping on the excitement bandwagon. For me personally, the game has no equal. It is storytelling tour de force and a graphical powerhouse to this day. It is game making with a laserlike focus which only a few individuals can produce.

Whether or not this story is true, and it actually appears to be, MGS4 is always worth another playthrough.

nukeitall1869d ago

First of all, does anyone really care after 4-years?

Secondly, MGO was just shut down and now they re-release MGS4? Although they aren't necessarily related, it just seems odd.

I have a feeling this is false.

JoySticksFTW1869d ago

MGS4 may be my greatest gaming experience ever (next to FFVI - go Kefka go!)

And the truly amazing thing is it may not even be the best game in the series.

MGS3's great balance of tight gameplay, great story-telling / soundtrack, and awesome characters (Young Ocelot!) may take that honor.

But MGS4 succeeded in tying up series loose ends and bringing a proper close to Snake's career.

And the ending still gets me every time.

Yes, Big Boss. This IS good. :(

EeJLP-1869d ago

Agreed on Assassin's Creed. I missed that, because I have it on the Revelations disk. I missed CoD4 trophies also.. Those ~10 should cover all the early trophyless games that I'd be willing to go back to plat.

jeseth1869d ago

Wow, I'm so excited. Not that trophies make a game but trophies/achievements are like a way that you get to track and document your gaming "career", lol.

I wish there was a universal system in place across all platforms dating back to NES ... oh the places we've been! I would love to look back and see all the games I've played, completed, etc.

Psyched for MGS Trophies!

ALLWRONG1869d ago

Know why they did this right? It's a template for when they add Achievements.

dantesparda1869d ago

HOLY FVCKING SH!T!!! i never thought this day would come. THANK YOU KONAMI/KOJIMA, its about f-ing time. But i love ya's for it.

Bur what about MGO? Why dont these companies just patch in p2p into their games when they wanna shut off their servers, or at the very least let us rent servers. Heck, they can actually make some money that way. Rather than just let the online portion of their games just die.

p.s. hey Konami, how about while you're at it, do something about the loading ins from chapter to chapter

sikbeta1869d ago


Gold Trophy: Complete Game Big Boss Mode
Platinum: Earn ALL Medals


I'm Ready! :D

guitarded771869d ago

12 hours since the story was posted and no proof. All we have is a website saying they have conformation, with no proof/link to said confirmation. Please don't drink the Kool-Aid... I want this to be true as much as the rest of you, but instead of having a victory party with no proof, we should be hounding this website for proof and hounding Konami for a statement. If someone has real evidence of this happening, please post a link... it will make me happy, and I'll quit pi$$ing on everyone's parade.

Gaming1011869d ago

Looks like I need to repeat myself for the retarded - the game is 4 years old, people have been selling their copies within that period of time because they've played it a hundred times over and have received no trophy support to continue playing the same story over and over. This would not have taken very long for a small team to patch the game with trophies, and for it to take 4 years for anyone to do anything about it is far too late. If you sold your copy you're definitely not going back and buying it again unless you're the biggest trophy whore ever. The only people with the game still on their shelf and still willing to play through it a bunch more times to get all the trophies are people with way too much free time on their hands IMO.

jadenkorri1869d ago

yes and the 360 version of metal gear solid 4 subsistence will be released. You know its coming, and no way would they release on 360 with achievements and no ps3 trophies, the ps3fanboy outcry would be hilarious.

DrJones1869d ago

Took their sweet ass time.

darthv721869d ago

and that price is whatever gamestop thinks people will pay for a used copy again just to get the trophies.

No doubt they adjust their prices on used games based on demand. It would not surprise me if they upped the cost by 20-50% in light of this news. Cause they know people who traded in will be back to get a copy.

Glad i still have mine.

guitarded771869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I will now eat my words.... Konami just confirmed via Facebook. I was right to be cautious with no source, but now that Konami has said it, I can be just as happy as the rest of you.

@ darth72

Yeah, screw GameStop... Amazon has it new for less than $18 right now. I just told my best friend to mail me back my copy I let him borrow. He moved out of state last week and it was boxed up for the move.

metsgaming1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

i never got around to a second play through and always wanted to but never could do it, now i think i can and maybe go for a third.

jadenkorri1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

why would they patch a game 4 years later with trophys, it should of been done day 1 that trophies started. This is being done cause a 360 version of some sort is coming. Konami is not a exclusive dev to sony. Id be shocked if this update came out of the pure heart of konami, but don't be surprised to see a substance MGS4 for 360.

Diver1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

this is for all the peeps like guitarded. no you didn't want this to be true as much as the rest of us.

no guitarded you were not. adriansang isn't kotaku. they normally are on the money. was it really necessary to rail for 2 different posts?

the fact is if you wanted this patch as much as the rest of us you would still have your copy of mgs4

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NastyLeftHook01870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Oh happy day! Oh happy day! Sing it now...

jimbobwahey1870d ago

Budget release with trophies, Metal Gear Online (with all the DLC) and a bunch of VR missions would be really nice.

Lulz_Boat1869d ago

MGO was closed some weeks ago.