Max Payne 3: 8 Ideas To Improve DLC And Multiplayer

WC writes: With the first DLC pack for Max Payne 3 already release, Local Justice Pack, it feels that Rockstar’s post-launch content will simply be maps, weapons, gear, and factions. While this isn’t necessarily bad, we have a few ideas that could help create some more interesting offerings for Max Paynians.

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HebrewHammer2076d ago

Great suggestions, but let's not forget about the single player! I just tried to do a round of New York Minute Hardcore - made it all the way to UFE headquarters only for it to FREEZE! I shat myself in anger.

Tonester9252076d ago

I wanted a bullet cam killcam! Like in Singleplayer.

And when you die or get blown up I wish the camera didn't stop the screen. I want to see myself fall off the top of a building or blow up and fly away.

Gran Touring2075d ago

completely agree. The current killcam looks terrible.