Man tries out for a kid's Call of Duty clan to hilarious results

When Evan Dorosheff got a message to join a kid's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 clan, he decided to have a little fun. Well, a lot of fun. This is some epic yet surprisingly tasteful griefing. Oh, to be young and stupid!

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Pandamobile1925d ago

This just solidified every preconceived notion I had about Call of Duty players.

guitarded771925d ago

This dude trolls everyone... he's great.

pixelsword1925d ago

Watch part 2; that's freakin' funny.

CommonSense1925d ago

it is funny, but it's not news. and the word "man" is being used pretty loosely here.

SeekDev1925d ago


You're right, it's not really news. It's more an insight into a part of the Call of Duty community, gaming culture, and how things like this are viewed by (primarily) gamers.

Kurt Russell1925d ago

Can you link part 2 pixelsword? I can't for the life of me find it on the channel. I figured I was just being trolled by the 1/2 :D

TekoIie1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

@Kurt Russel

Heres the link :)

Say hello to the children!

DragonKnight1925d ago

This video is hilarious. I don't think it solidifies people's perceptions about CoD players as it does show the naivety of children. Especially children who play CoD. LOL!

lilbrat231925d ago

LMAO, Is that quick-scoping..Hahahaha

PoSTedUP1925d ago

this pisses me off that something like this could spam the news feed, its not even funny. just record anything from COD and post it on N4G? this is an outrage.

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Blastoise1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Whats with that second clan member? is he a redneck or something? Seriously listen at him at 4:22

navysealrb1925d ago

I'm pretty sure he has a lip in.

fei-hung1925d ago

age before intelligence is it? lol

Prince_Dim-Lu1925d ago

Ya, I bet. Try playing when the Adults play, and you won't have that problem. Sign on to COD 10pm pst or 11, and you don't run into the kids, and players are way better.

But of course, nobody thinks like this because COD is an easy target to hate. You know... COD is played out as much as the haters comments.

To summarize. You want to play with Adults? Play at Adult times.

adorie1925d ago

sorry,Prince. but CoD is as stale as your crown.

kamanashi1925d ago

I get all the kids at those times. The times i don't is in from morning until about 1PM.

SUCKxITxEZ1925d ago

dude when i was 11 i was playin halo 2 till 1am.
this best time would be school time

Prince_Dim-Lu1925d ago

When you were 11 you were up till 2 am? Good parenting going on in your house. So you were one of the squeaky kids that this guy thinks only COD players are?

Again... play at late night. Ya, you can play during school as well and that just proves my point that there are times there aren't kids on. So you guys just proved that there aren't always kids on.

I love the guy who says COD is as stale as my Crown? Nice. But we weren't talking about COD being fresh were we. We were talking about little kids playing online. But I understand you need to make a hit on COD being stale, because those comments aren't played out or stale or anything are they. Nobody rags on COD.

And if you really don't want to hear kids, it's really not that hard, and I understand that since this site is overrun by hardcore Sony fanboys... all you have to do is go in a Party Chat with your friends and that puts an end to having to hear little kids if that really rattles you. It doesn't rattle me since COD has one of the easiest mute features in any game, but play in a party, or play with a clan.

Case solved. But again thanks guys. Thanks for proving that there are times to play with no kids, or very minimal kids playing. Love your guys comments and disagrees.. and then you guys get agrees for saying what I did. LOL this site.

ZoyosJD1925d ago

Flawed logic, dude. Its always 5:00 somewhere, and kids are always playing at that somewhere.

At one point I had friends from Germany, Russia, India, east and west coast US, Hawaii, Jamacia, and Japan on all at the same time, in the same game.

Aggesan1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Playing at a later time in day day is pointless since it will be earler in another time zone. Kids around the globe unite to pester online experiences.

@ZoyosJD You beat me to it :)

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1925d ago

If this guy is playing in the United States, COD isn't making him play with people in the UK, or Jamaica, Russia, India and Japan.

Why would you guys think that? If he's in the USA, COD will put him in games locally. COD does not put American players in rooms from other Countries. I believe his point to be valid. Certain times are a lot better to play then others. And that's just not for COD. THat's for Killzone, Uncharted multi player, Halo and all the rest.

Also, play with friends. You won't hear them.

Dee_911925d ago

who the hell cares about hearing the kids ?the issue is they are either extreme noobs going 5 and 20 or quick scoping making the game unbearable.Im on late 11pm -2am and theres always kids playing.And like most adults our schedules conflict so we cant always play together with friends and I cant adjust my schedule to only play at "adult time" when ever that is.I always agree cod gets alot of hate but all of my hate is justified.I cant speak for everyone else but to assume everyone who dont like CoD is a hater is ignorant.

1925d ago
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Genghis1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Nah, these are just kids having fun. Just trolling some children, but no racism, swearing, or insulting.

I don't mind this...

edit: 2 swear words at the end...almost made it..

vickers5001925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Honestly this seemed pretty tame and intelligent in comparison to the times I've ran into children in CoD matches.

These kids sound a bit dumb and naive, and a little bit elitist, but at least they're not running their mouths off spouting obscenities and racial/homophobic slurs. I don't think they ever really cursed all that much either.

I'd rather see this guy troll the little sh*ts who, in addition to being like the kids in the video, also constantly shout out f*g/f*ggot or n*gger whenever they get angry. I hate those types.

The kids in the video just seemed like, well, kids. Kids who don't yet realize the pointlessness, irrelevance, and lameness of starting a clan, much less one based around quickscoping, but are having fun pretending their cool little club/group is the shit (something pretty much every kid has done at one point in one way or another, in video games or real life).

I see these hateful comments in this article directed towards these kids (like "the world is doomed", retard kids, and whatnot} and can't help but think that these comments are a bit misdirected. If they're 11 years old, then there's no point in calling them "retarded" or whatever, because pretty much all 11 year olds are dumb, and I'm betting 99% of you people on this site were very similar to these kids when you were that age, of course you probably wouldn't admit it, even if you didn't block out your memories of your idiotic moments of your life, you probably wouldn't admit it even if you did remember them.

Just saying, there are much worse kids out there than in this video, and these aren't "the worst" of the cod crowd. Funny video, but no need to be a hateful assholes about it, just laugh.

SpecialK1925d ago

^Best comment on thread^

The kids were just trying to have fun making their own clan. Nothing wrong there.

It was funny to watch, but the only person acting below his age in that video was the guy who made it.

PtRoLLFacE1925d ago

lol part 2 was hilarious

orange-skittle1925d ago

This is why I play BATTLEFIELD 3

geddesmond1925d ago

I'm very surprised people thought this was funny. What was so funny about it? Please explain.

Now if yous want some funny COD trolling videos check out Elpresadors kid videos on youtube. Now those videos are hilarious. This one was just boring with nothing funny in it.

Tonester9251925d ago

At 1:50 he sounds like Cleveland from Family guy haha!

Nevers1925d ago

Want to see... websense won't let me... so I'm bookmarking with a comment for after work. Nothing to see here, lol.

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MrMister1924d ago

C.O.D. = Children's Online Daycare

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2pacalypsenow1925d ago

with akimbo guns your unstoppable i hate using them but o well

reznik_zerosum1925d ago

modern warfare - running with 2 pistols and

negative1925d ago

cod bashing and typing 'buying cod fail' = epic fail

JellyJelly1925d ago

Playing COD when Battlefield 3 is available - Born through ass.

deep_fried_bum_cake1925d ago

I honestly think I just lost some IQ points by listening to them.

Majin-vegeta1925d ago

COD=Child's/Children Online Daycare xD.

OT:Lol retarded kids xD.

shammgod1925d ago

Nice! I may use this in the future with your permission of course

Nimblest-Assassin1925d ago

Might as well rate black ops 2 E for Everyone

It's not like those parents really care

Grap1925d ago

it's a cod why would they care about this game? it's not like have nude or anything

shayol33t1925d ago

@Grap: yes because breasts are worse than murdering countless people...ohwait, modern society. Parents more worried about a stray body part than the murder being desensitized.

insomnium21925d ago


*Facepalm* and *smh*

iamnsuperman1925d ago

This is a good video. Loving part two. Sacrifice to the Troll God